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N73 vs. D900 vs. K800 [Comparative Field Test]

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Posted by VGA
You can examine carefully the quality of the lenses/optics of these three 3.2 mega Phone Cameras.


My camera is a modest Nokia 6265 (2MB)

I wish I had a N73!

Armando Rozário - Cabo Frio - Brazil - May 22, 2007

Posted by razec
That review has been flooded by mostly Nokia and SE fanatics, and it has been a long time issue already.

for me it's the K800 that rules all of them. others will blast me for sure saying D900 or N73 is better.

anyway maybe this quote would be applicable: the beauty is in the eye of the beholder=D

Posted by aatuif
'd like to complement...
'beauty is but skin deep'...

Posted by QVGA
N73 produces nice pics but sometimes it just too much digital vibrance in them.

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