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Picture gallery on W950 (3)

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Posted by apollosfire
Hey, I have a W950 on 3 network. Strangely, the Picture Gallery functionality is very limited. I think that this is because of 3's custom firmware, but I may be wrong. The feature that I'm looking for is a Slide Show of pictures.. My K750 had this feature, and the W950 Picture Gallery help (on the phone) refers to a Slide Show feature: "Show a series of pictures in a slide show."

When I press "More" on a picture though, the only options are:
"Set as wallpaper", "Set as screen saver", "Set as contact picture", "Information" and "Help"..

If it is the custom firmware, is there any way to get around the issue without having to reflash with standard firmware?

Also, this could be the reason that the Video Player application is complete crap! The lack of the RSS Reader is the only other obvious difference.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by msujay

I dont think "slide show" is a feature of W950, I am using a generic firmware and missing the option that you had mentioned.



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