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w880i (black and silver) available in UK as of now.

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Posted by t610geordie
Just to let you know that the w880i has shown up on a retailer's web site (thephonespot) and it appears that this latest Sony Ericsson handset is genuinely available as of now in the UK - the best deal so far is:

FREE Sony Ericsson W880i in either silver or black
5 months half price line rental saving 125
Line rental is 25.00 per month for 5 months and 50.00 thereafter.


Posted by alexho
thanks Andy but the price is a bit steep at the moment. Hopefully it will come down soon!

Posted by t610geordie
Are many people waiting for this phone in particluar here?

I think if you don't have a current Sony Ericsson it is a cracking phone to get but for those of us with a k800i or even the older k750i / w800i / w810i phones I can't see many people upgrading for so little extra....

Posted by Robot
yes, I think it's a good SE phone to get, specially silver one. I hope I can get 1 soon.

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