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Didiom, a fantastic mobile music download application

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Posted by newlaunch

Check out this free application! It's a fun way to search, sample, buy and download music on your wireless! You can also place bids for the music you want and share individual song picks with other friends and family—right from your wireless!

www.didiom.mobi (use your phone)

Posted by maggflodd
Well thanks... Considering that many members here use mobile phones to browse this forum - esp'ly SE-phones, it would've been oh so kind to mention the tiny little info-bit that your product is currently(?) only for windows-mobiles... - not great to advertise a product by letting a significant number of people hit the links in vain, wasting time and money!!! But you knew that, right! Thanks

Posted by qwerty12
I have a Pocket PC. But I also have PocketG2...

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