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Memory stick micro "M2" speed?

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Posted by libben
Anyone knows wich manufactor makes the fastes micro stick m2?

Im looking at the values there that is:

Read/write: 10MB/sec read, 3MB/sec write

Is sony M2 faster? I couldent find the sony specs to compare with.
Anyway, thinking of buying a 2 gb one for my m600i.

What will shows like simpsons and 24 be in MB?


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Posted by antichrist
whats the use? if you only use the card for m600, whats the difference between a read speed of 50 mb/s or 250kb/s ?
a video file with 640kbps video bitrate plus 128kbps audio vitrate means 768kbps which means 96kb/s.
this is one of the maximum video compression supported by m600 and only needs 96kb/s read speed. tell me an application that use more than 250kb/s read speed.

!!!!! and you are asking wich card is faster knowing that one of them has 3MB/s write speed and 10MS/S read speed!!!!!
thing again

Posted by hanugro
I think it is better to use b and B to distinguish between bit and Byte and not confuse ppl reading it. Cheers.

BTW, I compare 1GB Sandisk and 64MB Sony and they are both about the same speed wise (write).

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Posted by yoyoma
I've spend the last two hours researching this. It appears the standard M2 sticks from Sony and Sandisk really do have about 3 MB/s write and 10 MB/s read on large files. There are a few M2 "Mobile Ultra" sticks floating around eBay, buy.com, amazon, etc., but NONE of them will claim any read or write speeds other than mentioning the M2's theoretical maximum of 20 MB/s (160mbps) which is essentially irrelevant since nobody is going to get that speed. If you see any sites listing read and write speeds of 20 MB/s then you can count on that being wrong. However, one guy who was concerned with this Mobile Ultra maybe being fake did some benchmark testing that showed

Memory Stick Micro M2 Mobile Ultra
read speeds up to 16 MB/s
write speeds up to 7.7 MB/s

However, if you go to Sandisk's website, they only mention the Mobile Ultra line as having higher capacity. They do not mention higher speed, nor give you any read or write numbers. Sandisk source

Memory Stick Pro Duo data rates go much higher if you get the Ultra II version, so if your device accepts that, you should go with the physically larger MS Pro Duo Ultra II. Unfortunately my phone only accepts M2. Personally, I am going to try out the Mobile Ultra even though it costs more, in hopes I will get 7.7 MB/s write speeds. 3 MB/s is just too slow to transfer large files.
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Posted by buntoo
microSD is much faster in terms of write speed compared to M2..
I've a 4GB sanDisk microSDHC card for my k850i and the transfer speed to card is 15-25 MegaBytes/second. And on the other hand, the 8GB SanDisk M2 of my W995 gets write speed of only 2-3MB/s... That is toooo slow.. I won't buy any other M2 phone..

Posted by Mr486
Speed matters when you are transfering large volumes of pictures, video and Mp3s between PC/Mac and Card. This is the reson why I choose the Ultra 16GB...

Posted by strauts
i better choose sandisk.

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