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FS: Faulty K750, W800 and 2x T630

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Posted by Mulder7
I have four phones for sale.

K750: works perfectly, but no backlight and 8/10 condition
W800: doesnt turn on and have no clue why, 7/10 condition
White T630: Doesnt turn on
Black T630: Has no screen but everything else is fine

All phones except white T630 come with boxes and full instructions, headphones, chargers etc, etc, except one T630 has no box and I only have a 128mb mem stick.

Will only accept trades for a D600 and will add cash for that but other than that will sell seperate but would like to sell as a bulk for someone who can get them to work.

Posted by Ridahz
PM me a price for the w800i, k750i, and t630 that doesnt turn on. cheers bud.

Posted by Mulder7
Pictures here:

This whole phenomena is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a government agenda

[ This Message was edited by: Mulder7 on 2006-10-10 16:50 ]

Posted by Mulder7
Had an offer on the K750i, anymore offers for the lot? All come with bits and bobs dont forget so if you can find the fault, you have a fully boxed phone for sale!

Posted by Mulder7
No one interested? Not even for a D500/600?

Posted by Aj2003
70 for the lot delivered to start.

Thanks AJ

[ This Message was edited by: Aj2003 on 2006-10-12 11:30 ]

Posted by Mulder7
Thank you and you have a pm Aj

Posted by Mulder7
Now been arranged and sold to Ridahz.

Posted by Ridahz
All done and dusty

Will post tomorrow

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