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new user ( w810i )

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Posted by w810iguy
Hi guys im new at SE so i was wondering if any of you guys wou are willing to help a new guy out

I have just got my W810 and i wanted to customize it a little bit

So im wondering if anyone can point any good links (or threads) for :

2.Games/Apps (free)

for my phone

Alsocan somebody please give me the list of phones that have the same compatibility with w810i when it comes to games/apps/themes? (so maybe i can also search for some stuff under another model)

Thanks in advance

Posted by Sooteee
All the k750 stuff works on the w810, just google and there's no end of stuff.

Getjar.com is quite good for games/apps, loads of free themes on this site but get googling you'll find shedfulls.


Posted by J-J
mobile9.com is the place to go

Posted by bico
@w810iguy: Welcome as a Sony Ericsson W810i owner and user. And welcome to Esato as well. You made a very good choice when you bought the SE W810i. It is really a great phone.

Here are some very useful links:

- http://www.mobile9.com
- http://www.getjar.com
- http://www.myw810.lasyk.net
- http://eseth.net/w810/download (themes only)
- http://www.garret.ru/~knizhnik/mobile.html (applications and games only)
- http://www.midlet.org (applications and games only)



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Posted by nSidious
You probably have "opera mini" already. The best Java app in the world. mini.opera.com, and try to ge the modded one as well. Im not sure of the link but im sure you will find it on this forum.

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