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LF: Someone to reflash a 6230i with 'insert sim' problem (can pay)

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Posted by Sammy_boy
I'm hoping this is a software fault and nothing more serious, but is someone able to reflash a Nokia 6230i for me, I can pay them a bit. It seems to have the 'insert sim' problem, whereby you insert a sim card and it continues to say 'insert sim', no matter what you do. The bugger's nearly gone flying!

PM me or post here if you can help me

[rant] I'm getting heartily sick now of buying phones off Ebay with a certain fault, managing to fix that certain fault to find it's got another different one! Why can't people be more honest with their listings? [/rant]

Though of course sometimes people aren't aware of other faults, but it's still very frustrating! I need a better, cheaper and more reliable source of faulty phones, don't know where though!

Posted by Sammy_boy
Bump, if it helps the phone's firmware version is 3.40 dated 23/5/05.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Posted by Sammy_boy
Can anyone help me?

Posted by Mamber
Insert sim problem is not software it will be the BGA next to the SIM Reader.

I would expect the phone may have been liquid damaged, as this part is very often suspect after that problem. Obviously not always the problem!

You may be able to find someone to reflow the BGA, but 9 times out of ten it has to be replaced. You can rectify if you can solder, as there is a link for the pads, but you have to be good at soldering?

Hope that helps a little?

Posted by Sammy_boy
No, can't solder to save my life, although have never tried!

Looks like I've bought another useless piece of junk instead of a phone to fix

Just goes to show that despite my T68i to Imate experiment being a success, it has it's pitfalls too. Best thing I can do by the looks of things is stick it back on Ebay and hope I get most of my money back

Posted by Ridahz
How much did you pay if you dont mind me asking mate?

Posted by Mamber
E-bay is good if you are prepared to take a risk, and that's about all.

Many people sell phones with the ''Insert Sim'' problem, and the best way to disguise it is to put a faulty screen in the phone!!!! They usually then say ''Starts up and lights up, but can't test any further as screen broken''

The chancer who then buys that phone thinks 'Oh that's an easy fix, just a new screen for about 15''. They buy the new screen and fit, then blow me down another really big fault.

ONLY buy from e-bay if you want to take the risk, and if any phone says the words, above ask the seller if they can hear ANY tones. If they say NO, move on and buy another phone.

Lets face it if a phone was easy to fix ALL the time, then the people would not be selling it in the first place. You will get caught believe me.

By the way to repair that fault will normally cost about 20 - 25 ish. To save a bit of cash and if you have an old DCT4 phone kicking about like an 8310 etc. you can take the part required from that phone, as they are the same, but you have to have access to a hot air station.

Hope that helps you?

Posted by Sammy_boy
Thanks for the help Mamber

No, don't have a hot air station, wouldn't know where to start!

I'm looking for an alternative way of getting faulty phones other than Ebay, but don't know where to look and where to get them from. Tried a few phone shops but they don't sell phones to people like me!

Posted by Mamber
Good place to look for bargains is the old boot sales. Never use them myself, but must be worth a look!

Another option is old company phones, but you have to find a willing company. One place I do have luck with, as my company does have a few good deals available. Good source for 6310i's also.

Posted by Sammy_boy
I might start a new thread off asking people if they know of any good places to get faulty/damaged etc. phones from apart from Ebay!

Posted by luigithfc
yeah thats great as i want to know too!!!
my 6230 has the problem too but accepts virgin so i'm kinda fine

Posted by Mamber
I woud be very suprised if people tell you their little secrets!!!

@luigithfc, is your faulty 6230 still up for sale?

Posted by luigithfc
yes it is still 4 sale!!!

sorry sammy-boy for this rude interuption

Posted by Sammy_boy
Don't worry Luigi Think I'll have a faulty 6230i up for sale very shortly too!

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