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W800i memory stick problem

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Posted by ilmostro
My W800i has suddenly developed a fault with the memory stick (the standard Sandisk 512mb one). It suddenly lost all the data stored on the memory stick. Thinking this might just be some glitch, I switched the phone off and back on, and it now refuses to start up - it displays the "Sony Ericsson" splash screen and the lights come on, and it remains that way indefinitely with none of the buttons having any effect.
BUT... if I remove the memory stick, it will start up and work normally. I've tried blowing any dust from the memory stick contacts but it makes no difference. Is it likely to be a fault with the memory stick (which until now has worked fine) or with the phone itself? And will Sony Ericsson replace memory sticks under warranty?

Posted by Coxy
Try formatting it in your computer.

Posted by whistla
I had this problem aswel........ just before the memory card stopped working all together! Just have it replaced by sandisk under warranty.

Posted by ilmostro
Good idea, unfortunately I haven't got a card reader for my PC.

I just found another thread about this though, seems its a common fault with the W800's so with a little luck I'll get a warranty replacement. Hustlúr, did you go via your phone company to make your warranty claim, or did you deal directly with SanDisk?


Posted by roumen68

I have my W800i since several days. And found problems with the Sandisk memory too. Well, the memory wokrs anyway, but if for example I store 60 songs (standard mp3 / 128kbps) and later, when I switch off the usb cable from the phone and try to play the songs on the phone - there are no more than 20 songs left! And some of them are a mix of several different songs. Some songs begin with a part of the end of the previous song.

Is there any solution for this problem?

And after formatting the card, the free space is only 467 Mbs. Is it normal or not? Why they wrote "512Mb" then?

Posted by bbaev
rumene, ela w bylgarskia thread na esato tuk:

Posted by Daf42
I have also had the same problem of songs disapearing, having got my W800 today. Is there a solution? Unfortunatly I cannot read bulgarian

Posted by spacehoppa
Ilmostero, I had exactly the same problem.

The phone lost all the data on the Memory stick, and the stick was inoperable and had to be replaced.

I was transfering files over the USB cable supplied with the phone, using windows explorer.

A windows dialouge signalled a problem
'Error Copying file of folder.
Cannot not copy DSC00303: Cannot find the specified file.
Make sure you specify the correct path and file name.'

Then a second message from windows
'Windows - Delayed Write Failed
Windows was unable to save the date for the file \Device\Harddisk1\DP(1)0-0+7\DCIM\100MSDCF. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to sase this file elsewhere.'

Logical drive for the mass storeage device in windows no longer contained any files or folders. I could view the drive without error it just did not contain anything!

Sony Ericsson file manager said it was not connected before reconnecting and allowing the phones normal memeory to be viewed.

I stopped the USB connection in windows, disconnected the phone and shut the phone down.
The phone would no longer restart and stalled at the 'Sony Ericsson' title page.
The phone would only restart with the duo stick removed.
I reinstalled the memory stick but the phone reported the memory stick as not inserted.
When connected back to the computer, a logical drive for the memory stick was present but could not be accessed or formatted.
I tried to read the stick in a memory card reader but that did not work.

I returned to the Car Phone Warehouse in the UK and they replaced the memory card because the package was still within 28 days warrenty.

The phone still gives the error message sometimes when transferring files over the cable, but so far has not ruined the card again, or lost any data.

I'd be interested to hear if others have had this fault inorder to learn if this is a recurring problem.

Thanks in advance.

FYI, I upgraded the phone to R1AA008 a couple of weeks before his error via SEUSII.

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Posted by spacehoppa
Roumen68, I have also seen the same problem you experienced.

MP3s on the memory stick would get mixed up with each other.
The mixed up tracks seem to be consistant, i.e. one track would always be interupted at exactly the same point. The interupting track would also come in at the same point, then break back to the original track.

Like as if the memory card was fragmented with the file fregments becomeing intertwined somehow.

I upgraded the phone to R1AA008 via SEUSII and haven't seen this problem again yet.

Posted by Daf42
I have stopped using the cable altogether and have been transfering files via bluetooth and havent had a problem since. I think its slightly slower over bluetooth, but atleast I dont have to repeat the operation 4 times!

Posted by unclegiblets
I've had a W800 4 months now, since day 1 it's had problems with MP3s. Disc 2 phone says the transfer's completed but nothing has been uploaded to the phone. Orange have been denying all responsibility, and had several excuses. Mostly they say it's down to SE to sort out. The latest software I can get from SE is R1NA005, but according to my network it should be 008 and this version "rectifies the problem". In any case, as I'm on a contract and they supplied the phone FOC it's the network's responsibility in UK law (defective goods supplied as part of a service regulations).

Has anyone else been able to download R1nA008? Has this corrected the problem? I've got 8000+ MP3's on my PC, all of which play fine on my Creative MP3 player & Mrs's iPod. It's taken me 4 very frustrating months to get 100 of them that will play on my phone. GRRRR! I've had a T28, T68i, T610, K700 and now this W800. Don't think I'll be getting another SE phone after this. The best phone for features they ever made, but the most flawed too.

Posted by Ac3R71J0
I have the same problem. Im in Argentina and the phone is not from here. Did someone solved the problem ? i want my memory stick back ! please help

Posted by bombadil
This might be a bit late in the day and I actually bought my phone after the last post, but I had the same problem of lost files during transfer and transferred files playing different music then they are supposed to. Luckily I didn't have any problems with my memory card. Since then I successfully upgraded my phone to the new firmware and haven't had any problems so if you guys are still having problems with file transfer etc, upgrade your firmware by hook or by crook ASAP!!

Posted by mith101
I have had my W800i simcard unlucked by a store but now I cannot update the software.
Anyone have experience how to work-around this problem?

Posted by seguy

On 2006-02-27 11:01:43, mith101 wrote:
I have had my W800i simcard unlucked by a store but now I cannot update the software.
Anyone have experience how to work-around this problem?

What exactly is not working correctly when you try to update?

We need details.

Posted by Dj_Ubbe
I had the same prob too. and i know some people with the same...

Posted by mith101
ok then...

When I try to update the phone via the internet, I am being told that there is no new software available. I do however know that the current software is old and that a new version is available.

I also had a service store to upgrade it. They tried but failed in doing so. They told me that it was because the simcard lock had been open by someone other by my mobile company. The upgrade program registers that the software on the phone has been altered and will not accept the upgrade.

I believe this is what I can tell with my knowledge... otherwise just ask

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Posted by seguy
That sounds correct, since your firmware has been "altered" so to speak.

Looks like you will probably need to upgrade your firmware with DaVinci. I don't know that much about it, so just do a search for "DaVinci" on this forum and there should be several posts on how it works and how it's done.

Hopefully someone with some knowledge on using it will jump in here to give you some advise. But it should be able to be upgraded in this manner.

Posted by mith101
That is cool... thanks! I'll have a go at it.

Posted by WitWarm
I'm from South Africa. I also have(had) the w800i and its giving the same problems as all you guys mp3's dissapearing, my memory stick also went(didnt even help trying to put it in the media card reader) , Im recieving my THIRD fone this week.


Posted by seguy
The MP3's disappearing is a firmware fault, however, the memory stick dying is the fault of the memory stick itself. The w800 is not at fault there.
When my w800's mem stick died (the 512mb that came with it) I just replaced it with a Sony 256mb stick, and it's as good as gold. (although the capacity isn't quite as large )

SE should be ashamed for sending out all these phones with defective pro duo sticks.

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Posted by WitWarm
I know the memory stick is not the phones fault, but here they have to take everything the including the phone if something is faulty.
So i would rather take the new phone with a worjing memory stick than spending more money and buying a new one.

To all, thanks for the forum, helped alot with understanding the problems woth the w800i

Posted by vadco
I have the same problem that ilmostro have, but my phone is a w700i: one day it just stop working and started giving a flashing screen every time it have the memory stick is in it.
I tried with another card, change the firmware, did a SEUS update... but the problem continues.
Did you get to fix it?

SE w700i
SanDisk 256mb (original one)

PS: The other problem that the other people are saying (data erase from the memory), probably is because the memory card is fake

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