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Posted by amnesia

OR if you want to compare all of the hotest deals on the net to find the best go to Widgx Comparison

The idea:
A store that gives you the cheapest contract possible.

Why is it the cheapest?
Because I take the bare minimum when it comes to commission, in turn I can pass the savings on to you.

Why are you doing this?
I hope that rather than selling one phone and making alot of money, people will enjoy the cheap deals and continiously use my service.

How does cashback work?
Well here's the advantage of Fluid Mobile, you dont have to deal with any of that nasty cheque back. The amount you are owed is debited directly into your account.
So no more waiting around for a cheque. However on some occassions you may be required to receive a cheque.

If I place an order, how long will it take to arrive?
As soon as the order is placed and processed, the phone is sent as soon as possible and the phone usually arrives next day.

The problem is, it's an online store, what if I have a problem with the phone?
Simple! Fluid Mobile is an affiliation with the carphone warehouse.
Just take your phone and they'll do everything for you!

Fluid Giveaway EXTENDED

Just PM me as soon as you have placed an order with your name, what you've ordered and your address. And if it's been processed and you are the 15th customer, You receive one of those great prizes!

Best of luck to all!

The Cheapest UK Contracts Guaranteed! or WIDGX Comparison

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Posted by max99
thought we werent allowed to do this anymore

Posted by amnesia
I have been allowed to because I'm a legitimate person, a well known member and I am following Laffen's guidelines.
I think it was you and a few others who made sites that claimed to be free but were benefitting you, which is against the rules.
You also bumped your thread which is not allowed.

If you have an already locked thread you are not allowed to make a new one.

Those are the basic rules.
As a person, I'd much rather let esatonians have their sites shown, even if mine wasn't allowed, because I'm not the type of person to bring everyone down with me. (unless of course they complain about me when I try to be a nice guy)
Widgx | The Cheapest UK Contracts Guaranteed! | Compare all mobile deals on the net.
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Posted by below24
Whats the deal with the P990 in one week?

im sure if the mods have a problem the would have shut the thread...

Posted by amnesia
hey there Below, all of the information can be found on the site.
For the P990, look at http://www.fluidmobile.co.uk/[....]s=p990i&network=&tariff=&gift=

Posted by lamont
hi mate, whats the best deal you can get me on the p990i? Can you beat this:


The top deal on that page, if so il go with your site, i want the cheapest deal possible, im not bothered bout loads of mins and texts alothough a xbox 360 would go down a treat!

cheers pal

Posted by leeboy13
i'll atkje what lamonts having at the right price let me know too amnesia


Posted by amnesia
I've mentioned that I can offer an additional 15 pounds discount on top of the best deal on the site.

Posted by amnesia
Just an mention that there is a huge update.

Posted by arien617
Right, I have no idea if I saw this correctly.

A free W880. 30/month contract and with cashback so that the 12 months of the contract are basically free.
A free phone and 200 mins+texts for nothing?

I'm deffo missing something here.

Posted by fatreg
^ apparetly not!


seems odd to say the least!

Posted by arien617
amnesia, could you clarify on this?

Posted by Mige

On 2006-01-10 13:28:30, amnesia wrote:
If you have an already locked thread you are not allowed to make a new one.

uhm... okok

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