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Motorola to release new Rokrs in 2006

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Posted by masseur
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Motorola Inc. expects next year to introduce new versions of its music-player Rokr phone, a top executive said on Wednesday.

The head of Motorola's mobile unit Ron Garriques said the company plans to launch a more stylish Rokr phone in the first quarter and will follow with another Rokr that can download songs wirelessly around mid year.

more in this Reuters article

Posted by axxxr
Thats good to know,the first rokr was such a major dissapointed but hopefully motorola and apple will now get things right with future models...Rock on ROKR!

Posted by Stef
Hopefull is with HDD (4GB at least!) and a bettter cam.!

Posted by *Jojo*
H m m m . . . so what we have now in the market is NOT a good buy huh

Posted by masseur
@JN, Motorola ROKR iTunes Phone may have flopped with six times the returns

Posted by *Jojo*
@masseur - They should have made a - RECALL !

Posted by axxxr
JN i agree....the rokr is so bad apple and motorola are putting there credibility on the line.

Posted by sailaab
Okay, I am skeptical of most things, but IMO, RoKR always had a scrip to succumb. Why would Apple cannibalise its products. Anyway there are a couple of more options than iTunes. The phone, music device combo that RoKR presents may have its audience... I just hope this time they add better "direct" interactivity, than using a computer to manage music..

Posted by djX
i jus dunno..

E398 was gr8.. feature-wise..in its time.. ROKR is also goood..atleast on the outlook.. why this design failed again?

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