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Posted by bennyk
Hi Guys,

I have noticed some posts regarding bluepulse in here, so I thought I would contribute to the community personally and update you guys with a couple of things.

1. For those that don't know, bluepulse is a free browserless portal that comes with a free interoperable instant messenger (MSN, Yahoo, ICQ) and a free RSS news reader. You can manage the RSS feeds from our website and then access them on your phone later.

2. When I say browserless portal, i am talking about a whole new way of accessing the internet on your mobile - something that is tightly integrated into your phones user interface - a way of accessing the mobile internet in a way that works on a mobile and tools that you would actually want to use on your mobile.

One of the guys that started Yahoo in Australia and New Zealand and I have been writing a really interesting blog over at http://bluepulseblog.blogspot.com/ which talks about what is wrong with the mobile internet and what bluepulse is trying to do to make it better.

3. We are wanting to build a global community of developers... If you can build a web page you can build a mobile application. Here is a snippet from our blog:

Using a subset of XHTML and our free SDK, platform and browserless portal, you can now build a mobile application and have it work immediately on millions of phones around the world today!

And for extra bonus points, you can use cheap wireless hardware using things like Bluetooth, to turn your mobile application into a location-based application.

So if you consider yourself to be a bit of a mobile enthusiast, check out our stuff... and please feel free to give me some feedback... i know the owner of bluepulse quite well.




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Posted by BlueQuill
Can it be accessed via wap? I tried it and just couldnt connect.

Posted by bennyk
sweet, you have a w800i!!! me 2... guess what? when a MSN, Yahoo or ICQ message comes in your phone will ring and vibrate + you will be able to minimize bluepulse into the background of your phone.

WAP site is:


Posted by BlueQuill
Seems kind of cool....do yahoo and msn come pre installed or do we have to buy credits for that?

Posted by bennyk
Yahoo, MSN, ICQ - the RSS news reader... all free and so is bluepulse...

We are trying to build a community of users and developers that want to access the mobile internet in a whole new way... sorry to throw the pitch in for that... but this service is really doing well for us in Australia... and i wanted to get people outside of Australia to try it out....

this has been a 4 year project trying to find better ways of accessing and doing things you would usually do on your computer on your mobile phone.

Posted by BlueQuill
Ok....so other than msn etc what else can be done using this.... Btw, let me say that the appearance of your app. is really cool.....liked it at the first look....pretty neat work..

Posted by bennyk
thanks... a lot of work has gone into making it feel like other tools on your phone... tightly integrated with your phones menu structure etc.

other stuff; well it's a portal... so apart from the IM and the RSS reader which is pre-installed on the 'virtual desktop' that is launched when bluepulse opens... you can snap open the control panel or login via our website and browse through a number of applications that have been professionally built for the portal by partners...

have you built a website before? we give away a free SDK which you can use to build an application for the portal. Applications are easily created in a subset of XHTML. We then give you a keyword which you can share with friends so they can try out your application. One of the latest applications I have seen built is this tool that interfaces with Amazon.com... You open up this application, type in an ISBN number or the title of a book and it gives you a Synopsis... It is so cool that it will probably be listed in the control panel soon.... that is, if the developer allows it.

you may have read something in the press a while back which spoke of a bluetooth shopping centre in sydney, Australia.... this is an example of a NEBA application. (Network enhanced bluepulse application)

The way these work... is you install an application on the bluepulse desktop via the bluepulse control panel that is NEBA enabled. If your phone has Bluetooth, the NEBA can be enhanced using short-range Bluetooth or WiFI equipment. http://www.bluepulse.com/about/neba.php

This may sound complicated but its really, really easy...

So Broadway built this application that can be installed and used from pretty much anywhere in the world... when you walk into their shopping centre.. the application is enhanced by the local bluetooth environment, giving you directions around the centre, notification of friends that are close by, faster downloads and so on...

I have also seen some enthusiast developers build some really cool stuff using Bluetooth and the bluepulse SDK... for example: Guys that have built an enthusiast application that only them and their friends know about that lists out their dvd collections.. when they walk into their houses they can control their dvd player etc... lol

I will elaborate on any of this if you like... it's really interesting stuff.

Ohh and one more thing.. you know we have built MIDP1 (less than 64k in size), MIDP2, Symbian Series 60 V1 and V2 native bluepulse editions... More coming soon...

Most phones out there, will get a sweet experience...

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Posted by BlueQuill
Ok....how to get credits...and i am speaking of international users..

Posted by bennyk
Currently, as an international user... the only way to get credits... is by using the same username and password you created when signing in the first time, on our website... www.bluepulse.com

Having said this, you probably won't need any credits as most of the international applications are free.

Posted by BlueQuill
Ok....i think the only international applications r the messengers and rss news??

Posted by bennyk
Yes, and the ring tone and wallpaper downloading services... but this is part of the reason why we are building a developer community...

Posted by BlueQuill
Ok...but couldnt fig out on how to get wallpapers and tones ...

Posted by bennyk
Agghh... through the "Mymobile" application on the desktop.

Posted by RV06
Hello bennyk,

could you explain a bit more about these credits?
What are these for?

I'm a bit reluctant in trying it as the home page looks really commercial to me (all this stuff about buying credits, time limited offer for free credits, etc...).

Posted by bennyk
Hi RV06,

We are in the process of making the home page a bit less confusing... New site should be up in a few weeks.

You need credits to buy Australian content such as TV Guides and Movie guides. You are never forced or asked to purchase credits unless you try and install this content. As an international user their a 3 main benefits to you. A free instant messenger, RSS reader and the ability to make your own mobile widget type applications. None of this we are selling, it is all free.

Let me know if this does not make sense.


Posted by ambyzown
Bennyk, this is so cool, I just downloaded the application on my T610i and am loving it.
I'm not a developer, but I already have ideas running thru my head, and I'd love to take advantage of bluepulse and create widgets in Nigeria where I live. Do you have any literature on the A to Z of bluepulse for beginners? Please PM ur reply and an email address.

Posted by Senisho
D app doesn't work on my Sagem V-55, could u pls make sum modifications cos normally wateva works on a T610i works 4 me. Thanx.

Posted by Pradhika
Well. It works fine. Nice info.

Posted by bennyk

Hi ambyzown, thanks for the nice words. I appreciate it. If you just email support@bluepulse.com.au with any questions you have and say you have spoken with me on here, I will get your email no problems.

Likewise, if bluepulse does not work on your phone for some reason, please email support@bluepulse.com.au and we will sort you out ASAP.

Talk soon guys.


Posted by T_grr

I tried this as an MSN messenger on my s700 today. But it's not very stable. Many messages wasn't recived when my phone sometimes was shown as offline on my friends MSN. I don't know if this problem appers if used with ICQ or Yahoo..?

I realy like this program. And I hope that it can work better with MSN in the next version.


Posted by ambyzown
Thanks Bennyk, I send an email immediately.

@T_grr: I have used the buddie widget for my yahoo messenger account, and its remarkably stable, considering its still in BETA stage.
However I have noticed the application freezes sometimes, and forces me to reboot my phone.

Posted by AnotherBPguy
Hi Everyone,

Ben is away at the moment and he specifically asked that I get back to you guys.

I am sorry to hear that you have had some issues with reliability.
It would be awesome if you could let us know what issues you have had either on our forum or via email.

We are doing the best we can to support the most phones we can, to make it easy for you guys to use the stuff you like on the net on your mobile and to make it easy for developers to publish mobile content.

Any help you guys can provide with errors you are seeing or reliability issues would be awesome for us and the rest of the community.

I hope you you've all had a good weekend.
Thanks for the feedback so far.

Posted by T_grr
Well.. I will do som more tests with my s700 and maby with my old t610 to. And I might do a more detailed report of my conclusions. =)

Posted by ambyzown
Ok BPguy, I'll use it for the rest of the week, and post my findings to you via email.
I've also set up the BP application on three of my friend's phones. I'll also let you know what they feel about it.

Posted by T_grr
Ok.. I belive that I have foundout what caused my problems. The application works good with msn, untill I try to send a message including some of the swedish characters едц... The message dissapers without any error signs, and I'm shown as offline on the reciving msn client. It takes about 5 minutes untill i'm shown as online again.

Posted by bugsiiy
damn it,try to write with english characters only,or isn't this possible in swedish? at least in romanian you understand if you use english characters

Posted by Xugaa
i was gonna get mobile msn... would be really usefull.
but unfortuantley there is not a 'virgin mobile' option on the download site.

Posted by T_grr
Yes, I can write swedish with english characters only. But it will be hard to use the swedish T9!

I also wish that I could view the status of my online msn friends (online, at lunch, not at home, , )...

Posted by phlogiston
Not sure why swedish characters are causing a problem, but please email your experiences to our devteam at support[at]bluepulse.com and they'll look into it asap. Lots of keen mobile users in Scandanavia, so we want to be doing a great job for people tapping Swedish chars in!


- alan from bluepulse

Posted by phlogiston
hi xugaa,

Unfortunately to the best of our information, Virgin Mobile isn't providing internet access to its mobile phone customers other than its 'Virgin Vibe' service. You might want to email/write to Virgin Mobile about that and complain - after all, you're paying the same rates for your phone every month as you'd pay with other carriers, but if you were on another network, you'd be able to get internet access.

- alan@bluepulse

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