Willcom WX321J with Finerprint Scanner

25 January 2007 by axxxr
The Japanese already have an all-in-one phone thanks to Willcom, but the company decided to release the WX321J which is essentially an update to its predecessor.

The candybar phone has an mediocre 1.3 Megapixel camera and a 2.4 inch display. It only has 2 MB of internal memory but thankfully there is a Micro SD card slot for memory cards upto 1GB. Other features include E-mail client, Java ver 2.0, games and standard business applications.

The only thing unique about the phone is the advanced fingerprint scanner which instead of direct contact many a times succeptible to moisture, ink marks etc uses radio waves for authentication. So the phone recognizes you even on a hot summer day. Apart from security the fingerprint scanner can be used for menu navigation and web browsing, just glide your finger over the scanner and the cursor moves on the screen. source:newlaunches 

On 25 Jan 21:55 HeadofMi5 wrote
With fingerprint recognition we will now who was using the phone, where with GPS.

We listen in on all conversations- even if they are switched off or have no battery in them
On 25 Jan 20:24 Mukul wrote
What the hell of looks these japnese people looks like some phone from the 90's...
On 25 Jan 16:58 baine wrote
THe japs are probably rank functions over looks.
On 25 Jan 13:54 hy wrote
>Wait wait. Did I see an aerial? What the crap, are we going back in time or what?

The aerial is there for the market in japan. you would notice that all japanese phones have an aerial. People there prefer that.
On 25 Jan 05:38 JIBJIB wrote
Wait wait. Did I see an aerial? What the crap, are we going back in time or what?
On 25 Jan 03:19 chris wrote
that just looks so blocky and not ergonomic
On 25 Jan 03:05 Evilchap wrote
Cool gadget, shame about the specs

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