Two Mobiles are Better than One

10 July 2007 by axxxr
Couples these days spend more time on the phone than together, thanks to the ultra portability of mobile devices. But wouldn’t it be nice if we cut out the middle man, and placed two mobile phones together? We’d probably see a lot more of each other.
The Duofone concept design places two seperate cellphones on the same device, each sharing the real estate of the screen.

The Duofone also places a focus on cooperation and communication. If your battery is low, you can share battery power with your cell partner. Well, that is if they let you. Even when the phone is docked, it resembles two lovers in bed, laying side by side. source:gearfuse yankodesign


On 18 Jul 15:45 Max wrote
Kinda confusing if you ask me... When using your phone you will most likely take the wrong one out 50% of the time.. plus, the bottom of the phone makes it hard to put it in your pocket and it doesn't look like it's easy to use that way. Nope, I'm not buying this (these) phone(s).
On 12 Jul 21:15 KingShauno wrote
Well I must say the idea is a good one, but I don't think it will be a fantastic seller. The bottom bit would make getting it into your pocket very tricky, and who needs more than one phone anyway? I reckon that will still go into production though. :)
On 12 Jul 12:54 Gun wrote
Its cool, but with the weird bottom of the phone i dont think it fits in your pocket.
On 11 Jul 21:52 suprarx wrote
i dont really like this phone, but i have to agree with chili, i wud love to have this phone if i had a twin brother. it wud look weird if i had both of them but it is a great idea for twins.
On 11 Jul 15:02 chili wrote
It is really a design apt for siamese twins, not for lovers.
On 11 Jul 13:48 coolniksdude wrote
what will be the cost of the phone
and when will it release
On 11 Jul 09:16 ypwbi5s wrote
These days only geeks carries only one phone :D I personally have three phones :D
On 11 Jul 04:06 Eroda wrote
Shame, shame, shame! Cant beleive that they spent more than one pennie on this.....WASSHSSHH
On 11 Jul 01:26 PE wrote
to chris, i hate to pop a balloon for you but you're a geek too. otherwise why would be on this website, let alone commenting on it?!!!!!
On 10 Jul 18:51 chris wrote
who carrys 2 mobiles with them unless they are a geek skyliner35
On 10 Jul 16:22 energetic wrote
Excellent design!
On 10 Jul 15:32 suprarx wrote
this is one of the crapiest cell phone. no, it is the crapiest phone..
On 10 Jul 15:32 skylineR35 wrote
nice concept!
i always bring 2 mobiles everywhere and this would be nice if it's available... expecially for those who has lot of phones...

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