Nokia to use Microsoft PlayReady DRM solution

6 August 2007 by
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Technical details:
• Nokia 100
• Nokia 101
• Nokia 103
• Nokia 110
• Nokia 111
• Nokia 500
• Nokia 600
• Nokia 603
• Nokia 700
• Nokia 701
• Nokia 808 PureView
• Nokia Asha 200
• Nokia Asha 201
• Nokia Asha 202
• Nokia Asha 203
• Nokia Asha 205
• Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM
• Nokia Asha 210
• Nokia Asha 300
• Nokia Asha 302
• Nokia Asha 303
• Nokia Asha 305
• Nokia Asha 306
• Nokia Asha 308
• Nokia Asha 309
• Nokia Asha 311
• Nokia Asha 501
• Nokia C2-00
• Nokia C2-02
• Nokia C2-03
• Nokia C2-05
• Nokia C2-06
• Nokia C5-00 5MP
• Nokia C5-06
• Nokia E6-00
• Nokia Lumia 1020
• Nokia Lumia 510
• Nokia Lumia 520
• Nokia Lumia 610
• Nokia Lumia 610 NFC
• Nokia Lumia 620
• Nokia Lumia 710
• Nokia Lumia 720
• Nokia Lumia 800
• Nokia Lumia 820
• Nokia Lumia 822
• Nokia Lumia 900
• Nokia Lumia 920
• Nokia Lumia 925
• Nokia Lumia 928
• Nokia N9
• Nokia Oro
• Nokia X1-00
• Nokia X1-01
• Nokia X2-02
• Nokia X2-05
• Nokia X7-00

From the forum:
Nokia and Microsoft have announced an agreement to introduce PlayReady copy protection technology onto the Symbian S60 and Series 40 devices from 2008

Building on their existing collaboration around mobile entertainment, Nokia and Microsoft Corp. have extended their cooperation to include support for Microsoft® PlayReady™ technology into the Nokia S60 and Series 40 mobile device platforms. PlayReady is a new content access technology from Microsoft that makes it easy for content owners and service providers to deliver virtually any type of digital content in a flexible manner. As part of the agreement, Nokia and Microsoft will also collaborate on expanding and simplifying consumer scenarios for accessing, experiencing and moving digital content using mobile devices.


By supporting PlayReady, Nokia will make it easier for content owners and service providers to offer premium digital content for a radically increased installed base and enable more flexible business models, such as renting content or accessing it offline. For consumers, PlayReady brings flexible ways to manage their digital content between online, home and mobile devices. For example, a consumer could purchase content directly from their Nokia device and then transfer the content to enjoy on other designated devices, such as PCs or mobile devices.

Microsoft DRM on Nokia

"People are increasingly using their mobile devices for enjoying digital content, such as music, games, videos and photos," said Ilkka Raiskinen, senior vice president of Multimedia Experiences at Nokia. "By adding support for Microsoft PlayReady technology, we are enabling service providers to offer a wide range of content and create truly compelling experiences across mobile devices, personal computers and online services. We plan to support PlayReady across a range of S60 and Series 40 devices starting in 2008."

"Through our collaboration with Nokia, we aim to deliver a compelling platform that offers consumers seamless access to virtually any type of digital content they want," said Amir Majidimehr, corporate vice president of the Consumer Media Technology Group at Microsoft. "Nokia’s breadth of offering in this space, coupled with core digital media technology from Microsoft in the form of PlayReady, will bring new mobile entertainment scenarios to life for millions of consumers around the world."

Microsoft PlayReady is designed for digital entertainment services, devices and applications, with a specific focus on meeting the needs of mobile operators, service providers and device manufacturers. The technology supports a range of business models that can be applied to almost any type of digital content (music, video, games, ringtones, images and more) and a wide range of audio and video formats (including Windows Media® Audio (WMA), Windows Media Video (WMV), AAC, AAC+ and H.264). Microsoft released the PlayReady Client Porting Kit for mobile devices in early August 2007, and expects the first services using Microsoft PlayReady technology to appear in 2008. In addition, Microsoft has designed PlayReady to be fully backward-compatible with Windows Media DRM 10, which means that devices supporting PlayReady can access existing Windows Media DRM-based content as well as new PlayReady content services.

On 19 Aug 02:55 Brightspark wrote
another reason for me not to use S60 or S40.

there are 2 aspects of this idea that are defective by design:
1) DRM
2) Microsoft
On 14 Aug 21:11 DoctorMantis wrote
Anything infected my Microsoft is rubbish. Too bad, I was just starting to like S60 devices, too.

I now await the iPhone v2.
On 9 Aug 21:39 yanivmoshe wrote
se p1i rouls
On 9 Aug 13:26 Yahya wrote
No...not Microsoft...... arent they got enough already of their windows????? why they r interfaring with nokia user's life.... I think that one big mistake from nokia.... SE gonna rule da world now.......
On 7 Aug 17:51 trac wrote
where have you been esato?
On 7 Aug 13:21 NEWSONCEAMONTH wrote
what is wrong with ??????????
On 7 Aug 11:03 ihatedrm wrote
good for service providers
but not for consumers....
so, let's not support providers who support drm
nobody likes drm.
they hate 'em
so for the writer: don't make this look good. cuz it ain't!!!
yay for apple!!!
On 7 Aug 08:44 qwerty12 wrote
It's true, no one wants DRM but I suppose Nokia have to after the original N-Gage flopped because of copying games. But even apple are getting rid of DRM from itunes.
On 7 Aug 00:56 nokiamaniac wrote
long time without the news and single now very bad of nokia
On 6 Aug 20:47 suprarx wrote
yes, i agree with KJ, "Good to see some news after a long time.". its been a while.
On 6 Aug 20:17 KJ wrote
Good to see some news after a long time.
On 6 Aug 17:27 fckdrm wrote
customers don't like drm
i don't want drm, no one does
i do hope SE does not use drm in the future, cause it will be the end of the walkman series

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