Nokia N82 wins TIPA "Best Mobile Imaging Device in Europe" Award 2008

25 April 2008 by
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Largest European photo and imaging press association awards Nokia N82 Nseries handset for camera capabilities.

The N82 by Nokia is a compact multimedia computer that integrates phone, GPS, web, video and music functions around a 5 megapixel camera with a high-speed, f/2.8 autofocus lens. This Carl Zeiss Tessar focuses from 10cm to infinity and produces sharp prints up to and beyond A4 size. A 20X digital zoom is available to help users get closer to the subject, and though the exposure is automatic, it can be adjusted with exposure compensation of +/- 2EV. As in a traditional camera, the user can select different white balance settings to shoot accurate colours, even in fluorescent or tungsten lighting. Several scene modes are also available to optimize the N82 for great images, whether shooting portraits or night shots. This 112g mobile device adopts a Xenon flash and comes with a 100MB of internal memory, but this can be expanded to 8GB with a microSD card.

Nokia N82This is not the first time Nokia win this prestigious award. Nokia N95 won last year. In 2006, the Nokia N80 was given the award and back in 2005 Sony Ericsson K750 was ranked highest.

"We are very excited to hear that the Nokia N82 has been recognized for its excellent imaging features," says Juha Kokkonen, Director for Nokia Nseries devices. "The Nokia N82 is an excellent example of how converged devices entirely change the way people contribute to and share on the internet by combining strong camera capabilities with built-in A-GPS and an array of connectivity features."
Taking advantage of its integrated A-GPS functionality and high resolution camera, the Nokia N82 automatically geotags images with capture location metadata, making it possible to view the capture location on a map either on the Internet or on the device itself. When it comes to sharing, people can upload their pictures or videos directly from their Nokia N82 to services like Share on Ovi, Flickr or YouTube.
The features of the Nokia N82 include

  • 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash
  • Geotagging
  • Possibility to capture print quality photos and DVD-like quality video clips
  • Wireless LAN connectivity and HSDPA offering high download speeds
  • Integrated A-GPS and access to maps for more than 150 countries

The Nokia N82 supports microSD memory cards of up to 8GB which allow the device to hold up to 3600 high-resolution pictures, 5 hours of high quality video capture, up to 6000 songs or all of the available regions for the Nokia Maps application.

Nokia N82

TIPA was founded in 1991 as an independent, non-profit association of European photo and imaging magazines. With 31 member magazines from twelve countries, it is currently the largest photo and imaging press association in Europe. Once a year, editors from the TIPA member magazines meet to vote for the Best Photo and Imaging Products in Europe.


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On 20 May 11:45 NSR wrote
Ugly Design....!!! Les Technology For today......Weighty........Uncomfortable....Large Size........All Shit.
But NOKIA 6220 Is Grrrrrrrrrrrrreaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt.........!!!!!!!!!!!! Thnx To NOKIA........!!!!!!!!
On 18 May 04:25 noone wrote
well i'm sorry but the SE is loosing cause there're many more good cell phones and more cheaps than the SE.
On 17 May 15:03 rajazwitterion wrote
the camera is definitely gr8 thanks to Carl Zeiss optics but work by nokia is pathetic the phone looks very outdated and dumb
On 15 May 12:20 k750i wrote
i dont believe that it is the best telefone
On 15 May 10:57 TEEDEE wrote
quite cool and fits almost all functions
On 15 May 02:49 mumoy wrote
this handset is ugly... it tries to be a jack-of-all-trade gadget..

if you want camera buy a decent digital camera
for music, only ipods can be the best
for phone, samsung is the way to go...

get a life you guys!
On 8 May 07:45 chbutcher wrote
if you combine the n82 with the samsung g800 or g810, the picture quality is the same. But the Samsung has 3x optical zoom. Therefor I think the samsung is better. it gives you so much mor if you have more tele and wideangle.

The SE cams are not that good at the moment. I hope they make some progress, that would be good for competition. The phones are great, but the cam...
On 3 May 15:14 vey wrote
No Wonder....
cause N82 very easy to Kick K850 Cybershot, K850 still weaks in RGB take a red object and you got pink :(
On 3 May 13:12 AV wrote
RIP SE you guys make me laugh....
On 2 May 23:56 FoneJunkie wrote
Yo MuhammadOli, great name btw(!) Fo shizzle. Whn I said Foolio, I woz talkin' to yo mama.
On 1 May 06:00 Residentevil wrote
You got that right rip. It is an entry level phone. :D
On 27 Apr 14:15 MuhammadOli wrote
Yeah, like we're going to believe a person who talks like that and calls people "foolio"...

I don't think we needed your input to know its pretty decent. The article confirms it!
On 26 Apr 20:32 FoneJunkie wrote
Yo yo yo, listen up Foolios. Dis fone is teh awesomest thing ever in da world. It iz da baddest shit yo.

On 26 Apr 17:57 mode wrote
No, it doesn't look like an entry level device, though it does look somewhat similar to SE design. Nevertheless, a worthy winner. Cybershot is now officially a marketing gimmick, shameful indeed
On 26 Apr 02:34 silentwhistler wrote
another achievement for nokia! congrats...and to SE, better luck next time.
On 25 Apr 18:33 Stalix wrote
Yeah I just bought one of these to replace my k800i
On 25 Apr 16:30 planetX wrote
hahaha u guys are tech slave of it!!! i rather use my ericsson R180 peace......
On 25 Apr 13:49 Vlad wrote
actually the design is a traditional candy bar, looks fine plus the keys are functional, you dont hit things accidently like the k850 or k800, if you dont own the phone you wont know :) plus its not all just about pictures either the n82 kicks k850s but left and right, in every category :)

so rightfully said RIP SE
On 25 Apr 06:13 rip wrote
N82's design sucks, it looks like an entry level phone
On 25 Apr 05:25 korbindallis wrote

aggred with TM all SE needs to do is focus on the next cyber shot and make it better then N82 in all areas and just make it look good, the N82 is a good phone but in the looks department its dog ugly and i think Nokia rushed the design they just wanted to take sales from K850
On 25 Apr 04:58 TM wrote
Hopefully rather than "SE...RIP," it'll give SE more motivation to release something better and more powerful than the N82....especially imaging-wise.
On 25 Apr 03:25 DT wrote
K850 ... RIP!

SE ... RIP!

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