Nokia Announces the 6500 classic and Nokia 6500 slide

1 June 2007 by axxxr
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Nokia announces two new handsets, the Nokia 6500 classic and Nokia 6500 slide.

Nokia today reaffirmed its leadership in driving the benefits of third generation technology to the mid-range market with the announcement of two new handsets, the Nokia 6500 classic and Nokia 6500 slide. Designed to be precisely balanced in the hand, with large keys and ergonomically correct dimensions and surfaces, both phones have been created with maximum usability in mind. Along with third generation WCDMA technology and sleek, contemporary designs, these new devices feature carefully engineered touches that help to ensure that the beauty endures.

"Nokia is a recognized trailblazer of the 3G revolution and a pioneer in the use of new and innovative materials for mobile phones. With the Nokia 6500 classic and Nokia 6500 slide, Nokia is skillfully combining these areas of expertise to deliver a compelling blend of design and technology at a mid-range price point," said Peter Ropke, Senior Vice President, Broad Appeal Business Unit, Nokia.  "While features like the aluminum "loop" structure of the Nokia 6500 classic or the Carl Zeiss optics found in the Nokia 6500 slide separate these devices from the pack, it is the skillful balance of features and style that will make them irresistible to customers."
Nokia 6500 classic
Instantly recognizable by its seamless case crafted from 360 degrees of anodized aluminum, the Nokia 6500 classic is a 9.5mm thin statement of unsurpassed attention to detail. As an expression of individuality, each Nokia 6500 classic is individually polished, ensuring that no two phones are exactly alike, while diamond polishing used on the beveled display aperture and cold stamped logo demonstrate the highest levels of craftsmanship.
However, the attention to detail found in the Nokia 6500 classic is much more than skin deep. Featuring dual band 3G technology for fast and easy downloads and browsing and quad-band GSM for worldwide roaming, the Nokia 6500 classic delivers state-of-the-art connectivity options for the most demanding of customers. A full 1 GB of internal memory means that the Nokia 6500 classic has capacity for far more pictures, videos, contacts, songs, messages and other content than the vast majority of other mid-tier mobile phones.
Nokia's dedication to usability is also evident in the Nokia 6500 classic. The Nokia Series 40 interface, familiar to millions of users around the globe, provides easy access to the powerful feature set, including a 2 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and an integrated music player. Furthermore, a unified micro-USB connector simplifies charging, audio and data connectivity by consolidating them into a single compact port. This allows for the Nokia 6500 classic to be easily used as a high-capacity flash drive or to be charged directly from a laptop computer - all with one cable.
The Nokia 6500 classic is expected to be available during the 3rd quarter of 2007 at an estimated retail price of €320 before taxes and subsidies.
Nokia 6500 slide
Featuring an enthusiast-quality 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and the ability to easily share pictures, videos and even video calls on a television, the Nokia 6500 slide brings unsurpassed levels of imaging and sharing to the mid-range market. Additionally, the Nokia 6500 slide delivers a refined tactile experience with its elegant brushed stainless steel finish and smooth slide mechanism.
The 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics found in the Nokia 6500 slide marks the first time that mid-range camera phone consumers have been able to experience the outstanding imaging capability of Carl Zeiss optics. The addition of autofocus, a dual LED flash and 8x digital zoom optimizes the Nokia 6500 slide for creating high-caliber images. Using the speed of 3G technology, these images and videos can be quickly shared with friends around the world, while the TV-out jack allows them to be instantly viewed on any television with standard RCA inputs. The TV-out feature can also be used to allow an entire group of people to simultaneously enjoy the fun of video calling.
Fashioned to stand apart from the crowd, the Nokia 6500 slide incorporates a number of design elements not often found in a mid-range device. Ensuring that the sophisticated brushed stainless steel body retains its timeless beauty, a unique hard coating helps to prevent scuffs, scratches, and even fingerprints. Precision engineering of the slide mechanism means that the Nokia 6500 slide feels solid in the hand, yet moves with a smooth, fluid action to create a decidedly upscale user impression.
The Nokia 6500 slide is expected to be available during the 3rd quarter of 2007 at an estimated retail price of €370 before taxes and subsidies.For more information, please visit




On 6 Jun 07:11 aftyk wrote
sonyericsson k600i anyone???
On 5 Jun 00:05 SaLiH wrote
Nokia 6500 looks cool to me!
On 4 Jun 12:41 southpark wrote
The battery cover appears to be made of glossy plastic.....

On 4 Jun 12:40 southpark wrote
The battery cover appears to be made of glossy plastic.....

On 4 Jun 12:21 Nicholas wrote
WOW! Both the classic and the slide looks stunning and the features are awesome for a mid-range phone! Another great thin phones (like the Nokia 6300) from the Finns?
On 4 Jun 03:25 SeF wrote

6500 classic is a remniscent of SAMSUNG C100
On 4 Jun 01:30 southpark wrote
Batt cover of 6500 classic appears to be non-aluminum...more likely glossy plastic..... ^^;
On 3 Jun 06:40 govgov wrote
this one reminds me of an old samsung mobile, the one that has 65 million colours and a very bright blinking LED on the top. it looks exatly the same to me...
On 2 Jun 19:38 keight00i wrote
why give two diffrent phones exact same model numbers... pointless... it just creates confusion
On 2 Jun 17:14 jhon wrote
please introdused all lg mobiles
On 2 Jun 16:49 sefan wrote
this is nothing like the nokia we know.really good stuff nokia.seems like nokia has got a new game plan.thats another blow to SE...
On 2 Jun 14:31 globe wrote
kinda nice but i'd still go with SE
btw now symbian is only for nseries?
On 2 Jun 11:14 wajikhanfrompakistan wrote
woooooow its simply superb nokia is the market leader no dout 3.2 megapixel and carl optics but i like my N90 .sony ericeeson in good but u cont enjoy the movies and different player wich nokia wellcome every time.6500 slide is very attractive and due to slide and cute screen i very like.....finland plz not annouced any more bcz i buy and sell 9 sets in this calender year.
On 2 Jun 02:39 banyu wrote
6500 isn't too bad,
but T650i is the winner,
see at the market next quarter.
6500 sliding?
how about 6270 n 6280? big, bad, very bad exp in music [at 6280]
On 1 Jun 23:44 Sandy wrote
SE Metalic phones are better like the w880 and the new t phone but in blue color, nokia is very bad i have many problems with all phones and the new ones y will change to sonyericsson but at recepcion is better nokia but I heard that you can fix sonyericsson recepcion in settings- datacomunication or data com- prefere service- select gprs and gsm or pc and cs and 3g phones do the same and then go to movile networks gsm3g networks and select 3g that is great i learn it with my friend's phone and is easy to configure without going with someone
On 1 Jun 19:31 mmkit wrote
nokia i hate that word now after using n95. i will go for se no matter what. se never gives gives you a bad phone not like n95
On 1 Jun 18:33 chris wrote
looks like any other nokia till you use it then it probably just stop, thats the point where your fears are confirmed.
On 1 Jun 16:03 miguelandre82 wrote
it looks like nokia is going foward and SE is going back!
On 1 Jun 15:25 adviser wrote
looks good. sounds good but you will never know what this phone really is untill u use it. got to be carefull with nokia. hope this is a good one. with no problems like the n'series. good luck nokia. i still go for se. bye. .
On 1 Jun 15:15 maggflodd wrote
nice - in a no-nonsense kinda way!!!
On 1 Jun 15:14 Prom1 wrote
I actually REALLY Like the 6500 Slide! Man Nokia really surprised me with this announcement. And truth be told, lets ALL be honest, the GUI is second - in my opinion to the SE Platform GUI. Ease of Navigation, ability to rearrange some icons, etc.

Kinda makes me wonder WHAT the next SE phone will offer us, hmmm.

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