MTI’s Mobion fuel cell for portable electronics

21 June 2004 by axxxr
MTI Micro introduces Mobion technology and demonstrates the world's first handheld entertainment system and PDA/smartphone powered by an integrated fuel cell.

Albany, N.Y., June 21, 2004 -- MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc. (MTI Micro), the leading developer of miniaturized fuel cells suitable for handheld electronic devices and a subsidiary of Mechanical Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: MKTY), announced the introduction of Mobion™ technology. MTI Micro´s Mobion™ is based on patented direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) technology, and represents a number of scientific breakthroughs that the Company believes will ultimately enable it to power portable devices 2 to 10 times longer than an equivalent size battery pack, while allowing for instant, cord-free re-charging. It doesn’t sound like they’ve signed up anyone who actually builds cellphones, PDAs, or MP3 players to use it, but MTI says that the Mobion, their new fuel cell for portable electronics, will arrive later this year.

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