MSN to Promote the W810i

24 May 2006 by axxxr
MSN has signed a 2 month deal with Sony Ericsson to promote the W810i useing a Virtual buddy gig guide on MSN Messenger.

The activity planned by MEC Interaction,allows MSN Messenger users to download the 'buddy' to their existing contacts list where it will provide up to date information on all the latest gigs, club nights and shows in the user's chosen area.Users can state the type of music they're interested in and the area they live in and the virtual MSN Messenger buddy will reply with the required listings.

The campaign, which goes live on 27 May, will be supported by Sony Ericsson ad placements on the MSN Today page,in MSN Entertainment, MSN Hotmail and MSN Messenger.

The campaign is the largest that Sony Ericsson has ever launched on MSN and follows recent work including the 'Soundtrack to your life' campaign that was used to promote a range of Sony Ericsson handsets. Source: NMA

Sony Ericsson W810


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On 27 Aug 00:11 Lunathi wrote
When i got the phone everyone wanted it i'm a trend setter my friend Vince has one too now
On 19 Aug 07:03 frozenarts wrote
without fare I WANT IT!!!!this is the perfect mobile i ever seen.
On 27 Jul 11:17 mohammaddbiabo wrote
ilove the phone i realy do but its hard to downloa thing on it like java games or programms
and the disighn is fantastic
On 16 Jul 09:15 soso wrote
it seems to be good samsoung and sonyerricson is much better than damen nokia it broke up faster but i wander how much is it?
On 3 Jul 19:02 JoePrice wrote
Whats the keypad like, looks nice but is it user friendly?
On 2 Jul 15:59 simon wrote
Its the best & smartest phone ever. great deal in virgin store only. £25.00 for 300 xnet min and 300 text over 12 months.
On 27 Jun 17:23 nopeidontlikeit wrote looks way better in white
On 9 Jun 11:58 aman wrote
Wery good phonge =) !!!
On 8 Jun 17:28 Luke wrote
I have one and it is a great phone. Not much difference to W800/K750 but just looks smarter.
On 6 Jun 15:53 BenWood wrote
Im getting one in a few weeks! eagerly awaited! £25 a month from virgin contract!
On 29 May 20:48 jj wrote
Great phone! no complaints, but curious to know why the Light becomes a beacon after about 5-10 seconds, when you are trying to take a picture with light
On 26 May 11:54 msncep wrote
msn cep
On 26 May 07:14 medameur wrote
i actually just got this phone .. really good soud small , many diffrent options better than many other expencive or famous made phones. honestly ....
On 25 May 22:19 ondre wrote
i think its looks good
On 25 May 18:46 korbindallis wrote
what i love about this phone is that it comes with the black head set
unlike the pic above
that ones sexy :)
On 25 May 11:52 nelly6602 wrote
the phone is great every thing is perfect
On 24 May 19:44 Xioze wrote
One hell of a great phone, fantastic upgrade from my old 6230i.
On 24 May 18:01 wrote
On 24 May 15:29 Taylor wrote
Although still ****'s on Nokia
On 24 May 15:28 Taylor wrote
Total **** phone
On 24 May 13:20 steven wrote
can somebody get me one please before i kill myself? ;(
On 24 May 13:13 Sapporobaby wrote
Hot phone. I have one myself. I gave my w800 to my daughter.
On 24 May 12:57 sherazahmad wrote
i love it and its dsign so beautiful and nice

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