Gary Oldman Premieres New Mobile Movie Studio

25 April 2006 by axxxr
Award-winning actor and film-maker,Gary Oldman today unveiled a pioneering new mobile video initiative, the Nokia Nseries Studio, and announced plans to shoot a short film with the new Nokia N93 multimedia computer,also introduced today.
Advanced mobile video devices like the Nokia N93 offer the unique ability to capture and share spontaneous instants in everyday life. To encourage people to shoot and share these moving moments, Nokia has created the Nokia Nseries Studio (,a new interactive online community for mobile movies.
Gary Oldman, the director of BAFTA award-winning Nil By Mouth and star of Bram Stoker's Dracula, Leon and Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban leads an international cast of creative visionaries who are shooting mobile movies for the Nokia Nseries Studio on a Nokia N93. They are all tasked with producing short films based on the theme of 'open your eyes' capturing the everyday moments that tell a touching, compelling or provoking story about the world we live in.
Today and regularly over the next few months, a selection of these mobile movies will be premiered on the Nokia Nseries Studio where they're available for downloading to mobile devices or PCs. In the summer, Nokia is planning to open up the site so people can upload and showcase their own mobile short films.
Commenting on the initiative, Gary Oldman said: "I am fascinated by the potential of mobile video devices like the Nokia N93.They allow us to catch the fleeting moments we observe in our daily lives and share them as they happen. The possibilities for film-making are endless - I'm looking forward to producing a short film on a Nokia N93 and I hope it inspires people to record the extraordinary moments in their ordinary days and share them with the world."

On 4 Jul 06:18 aussiesteve wrote
if it's what one personally needs.... it's a great phone...try comparing n93 images with your sony pic taker...the quality is far superior...sorry, sony. great even on full screen size. won me.
On 15 May 23:04 Gee wrote
You want the ultimate portable filming device with WLAN, BT, 3G & EDGE connectivity? This is the business man!

Oh and you can use it as a phone which is a bonus, and it's got 3x optical zoom too. ;p

For a person who's looking for mobile filming this is a dream come true. For someone who just wants a compact phone, you just stick with your compact phones bro :-)

For me, I've always dreamt of having a device at my side at all times with the ability to shoot video in this quality and now that dream is coming true!

On 5 May 19:21 BlackShitzu wrote
you guys are sowr grapers u should be ashamed of urselves...

Its ugly to u because 1 u dnt have the cash to buy it or 2 u just dnt have sense and styl...

If u didnt know.. the carl zeiss lense is also the same lense on your SE phone....

Actlly a deafault...

Just wait next year when the Next generation of N sereis comes out with the 5 MP cam.... Like the N83... Huh! lets see if SE will still be like what u say " Number 1" I stil Say, Human technology is still the best and the phone is a good one...

just think of it as a year ender from nokia....

Remember technology advances, thats why they keep releasing new devices to suit are life styl. it depends on how tech or how out of date u are if u cant get this....

On 26 Apr 17:14 TetsugakuSan wrote
Why can nobody spell on these comment boards? Or even conjugate a decent argument? 'It's poo' 'SE Are teh best', come on guys...
On 26 Apr 16:33 samih wrote
stupid mobile fone . sony ericsson is the best and no# 1
On 26 Apr 15:12 vince wrote
how much is that??
On 26 Apr 14:47 willie wrote
It's more easy that Nokia sales this productas as a digital camera please Nokia no forgett ur bussines "cell telephones"
On 26 Apr 10:17 seraphim wrote
usefull thingy but ugly as hell
On 26 Apr 07:19 JagdishFatehabad wrote
Good Device
On 25 Apr 21:22 mobileparseffectcom wrote
i think nokia always is first in new technoligys but sonyericsson too is the best !
On 25 Apr 20:45 Clubber wrote
Nice functions... ugly fone
On 25 Apr 17:45 Xugaa wrote
Nokia, get rid of the hand thing and consider looking into one as my next phone i shall...
On 25 Apr 17:37 Xugaa wrote
"Nokia announces new Nseries Devices"... shame -_-
On 25 Apr 15:34 Phoenix wrote
Stupid useless fone.... More more usefull stuff.....
On 25 Apr 15:06 bh wrote
........ugly thing...

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