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1GB SIM card

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Posted by rakyat
There is a new SIM card from Gemplus with a 1GB memory. I hope SonyEricsson would have updated firmware for phones such as K500/K700/K750 to store files into SIM memory.

Mr Emmanuel Walckenaer, a senior vice-president at Gemplus, the world's leading SIM card maker, said the breakthrough in SIM technology and design is already here.


Called GemXplore Generations, the new SIM cards can store up to 1GB of data. That's about 10,000 times more storage space over current technology which is limited to 128 KB (1GB = 1 million KB).

The new SIM card also has better technology which enables handphone operators to offer personalised services.

'This will open the door for operators to offer new, innovative services. For example, operators can store a small video clip in the SIM card to welcome the user and provide a quick guide on how to use the phone,' said Mr Walckenaer.


For the user, having a larger capacity also means that he will be able to store his entire phonebook and digital content like pictures, music and video all in the SIM, without paying for an additional external flash memory card.

The next-gen SIM cards have been launched already, although mass availability of the larger capacities won't hit the market until later this year or next, Mr Walckenaer said.

Posted by Pradhika
That is a store-room. Btw the sim will cost as good too. :-(

Posted by Kryptik
1Gig? Wow!!! Thanx for the info, mate

Posted by telco
where can i buy it plzzzz?

Posted by Rishone
^^ from were did u find this htread lol

can u see Posted: 2005-07-21 12:30, its an old story, this must be picked by the operator,
u cant buy a SIM and put it in ur Mobile like flash card your Network Operator should provide the SIM for u. Ask the Network provider, i dont think any Network Provider in the whole world uses these SIM's.

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