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S700i on o2 sms problem

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Posted by crisnash02
Hi, in the last few days ive had serious problems with my s700i. My friend sent a text at 10am, and didnt get a reply so sent it again at 3.30pm. I received both at 9am the following day, and my phone was switched on all night (i never turn it off) Also when sending texts it takes about 30-40 seconds to send. Is this a network problem or a software bug? It hasnt done it before and i dont know what to do.

"No really, they are attached!"

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Posted by scotsboyuk

This is almost certainly a network problem. I suggest you telephone O2 and ask them to have a look at your account. If it is a problem with the O2 network in general, and not just your account in particular, then you will probably have to wait until O2 have fixed whatever the problem with their network is.

Posted by crisnash02
I ve checked its just my phone. People are receiving my texts i just get replys about 4 days later. Is there any evidence of batch sms arriving on the s700i, i read somewhere that this was a bug found on early k700i?

Posted by scotsboyuk

I still think this is a network issue, your outgoing texts may be fine, but there could be some problem with your account, which is delaying incoming texts.

Posted by rvision
Hi, update on this problem..

I have had this issue for the past 2 months and its been driving me nuts, with floods of txts coming through all at once.

Having called carephone they say a reflash of the firmware is needed, but no fault has been identified. 02 say there is no fault with them.

So I ring SE 0870 23 7237

And they say, believe it or not they have a statement which is not publically available and cannot send me a copy...ive recorded it, and it goes along the lines off.

"S.E and o2 agree that some of our customers are expierecing delays with receiving messages, S.E and o2 are working to resolve the identifying nature of this issue. S.E and o2 suggest power cycling your phone for at least 15 seconds one a day, although they we agree this may not resolve the issue it will allow messages to be delivered."

what a joke, I have been doing this anyway as i worked out it helped the issue, but it doesnt always work.

I bet this is breach of contract, and I also wasnt informed of this when i purchased the phone so it could also be misleading, but since SE or o2 will not comment on this what can we do. Im going to get a better recording of this tonight.

I'll be onto carephone ad 02 later, see if I can get out of a contract with a nice expensive phone hehe...

Hope this helps some othere

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Posted by peanut
No need to get out on breach of contract (which you can't with this issue anyway - read your terms, they are allowed to make errors - you're not).

Sale of Goods and Services Act covers you. It is up to the vendor and service provider (not O2 in this case, both are CPW) to prove that the handset was not faulty at sale. It's nigh on impossible to do that.

So, contract defaulted by... well default. No effort needed aside from the fact that you will need everything in writing and signed.

Posted by jcwhite_uk
This was featured on BBC`s Watchdog program last night.

Posted by kinc
I've had similar problem whereby texts were sent to my phone 6 or 7 seven times, same message when I read text it would disappear from inbox! Now I contacted o2 they advised CPW to flash phone
It has been ok for last 4 days. Free repair 12 month warranty CPW.

Posted by govigov
Yes. There are some specific o2 and se issues, and now o2 have removed se from their portfolio.

Posted by kinc
@govigov O2 website is advertising S700i for £79.99, if they don't sell i'm outta there.

Posted by freestyle
"S.E and o2 agree that some of our customers are expierecing delays with receiving messages, S.E and o2 are working to resolve the identifying nature of this issue."

Should say:

"o2's branding has cocked up s.e phones, so o2 and s.e are currently investigating what the useless muppets at o2 have done to the phones."

I've got unbranded P800 and S700, never had any problems with either my o2 contract or o2 payg sims.

Posted by kinc
@ freestyle I also have unbranded S700 still affected mine

Posted by Jake Blues
theres a thread in the technical section.
a guy bought a k500 on o2, unlocked it and put a virgin sim in. now hes having these problems with sms.
i dont know if this phone is o2 branded but if it is that proves its the branding thats at fault.
i know that in the future branding is only gonna get worse but i wish it would be made illegal.

Posted by bobby_splithead2000
Some O2 inside info for you... K700i and S700i have been withdrawn from portfolio due to the issues with the text messaging...this doesnt mean O2 will not sell SE again...T630 and P910i still available. If you have a K700i that is suffering these problems call customer service and they will advise on what O2 are able to do to replace the handset..

Posted by kinc
Bought phone 28th Sept 2004 unbranded. No sms problems until last friday phone flashed on same day, no problems so far
Could this be network problem for short time only or coincedence.
If it's a problem will they exchange S700 for P910 bearing in mind I paid £500 for it

Posted by bobby_splithead2000
Probably not give you a p910...but give cus service a call cos there has been lots info cascaded to advisors about what to do if there are problems.

What gets me, and Im guilty of it myself, is that people buy brand new handsets as soon as they're released and year after year its the same: there are always bugs and problems and so on. Word of advice for anyone waiting for a new handset to be released...wait for at least 3-4 months after release before getting one: not only will the price be reduced but it will be enough time for any problems with them to become apparent. Who can forget the Nokia 8210 saga!

Posted by kinc
@Bobby I bought my phone cos my P900 got fried so claimed on house insurance.
Just asked my mate to text me came through straight away as did sent message, so I'm hoping this is a firmware problem which wil be solved by flashing phone.
Will keep all posted if any more sms problems though.

Posted by bobby_splithead2000
It does tend to be more the K700i than the S700 thats having the problems...got one myself im getting all sorts of grief from the mrs asking why im ignoring her....then she gets all the texts at daft o'clock AM!!! My name is mud!

Posted by rvision
Really it was on watchdog, wow lol what timing. it had been driving me mad for ages, just today I decided I would ring S.E, with their so called satement.

My sister works for CPW... she got me a cracking deal on the phone 2 months ago.

im on o2 300 + 50 for £15 p/m for 6 months and it was a free upgrade so cant complain that I have the phone. Im just going to go back in kick up a stink and should hopefully get some more perks

Totally have the "why are you ignoring me" problem... flippin nightmare. o well.


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Posted by dave_uk

I'll be onto carephone ad 02 later, see if I can get out of a contract with a nice expensive phone hehe...

Hope this helps some othere

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Basically, no you can't. You can exchange for one of the following handsets if you wish but that, I'm afraid is it. Carphone weren't aware of the fault when you bought the phone either. There has been no breach of contract, but if you want to spend some money on a lawyer, go ahead mate.

Anyway, the handsets you can exchange for are:

- Nokia 6230
- Nokia 6170
- T630
- Siemens SL65
- Motorola V620
- Samsung P510

A fair selection, I think you'll agree.


Posted by rvision
well not when you want an s700i, so id have to disagree. cant stand any of the other brands, user interfaces are crap and im loyal to S.E so doesnt help at all.

What about all those people who paid £200 to get one?

Just spoken to my sis, shes gonna give me the insider gossip 2morrow when she's in CPW.

Apperently on watchdog they said they would replace faulty phones? direct replacement or other??

Posted by dave_uk
I also work for CPW.

The S700i is not an equivalent spec - even the most ardent would have difficulty arguing that.

I'm not sure I understand your point about paying £200 for it. The replacements offered reflect the value and specification of the K700i. Anyway, the S700i is also rumoured to have this problem, so requesting that is simply emphasising that your goal is not to get a working phone, but a free upgrade, no?

Posted by rvision
please read the start of the post again and the title it regards the s700i, I understand watchdog was about the k700i but this problem also exists again, I have this problem WITH an s700i and o2 and SE agree the problem exists on the S700i read the statment I posted earlier.

Having just got off the phone to CPW, they say that an email went round today regarding both phones the s700i and k700i and they have been told to issue the following referance number to all customers.


the list of phones dave gave is only for the k700i and no list has been given for the s700i. but the k700i is being totally recalled.

What a mess.

S700i people need to go instore to find out what to do...!!!!


Posted by dave_uk
yup - my bad.

There's been no communication about the S700i internally, and we haven't withdrawn it from sale. That list is indeed for the K700i.

In which case, and this is only speculation, given the cost price of the S700i, I would imagine that if the problem is accepted as being as serious as that with the K700i, you could probably change it for a P910i.

But don't quote me...

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Posted by rvision
had the p800 & p900 already, bit to big bulky and heavy, was nice downsizing to the s700, with nicer screen and camera. appaerntly the s700i is only 1% of all phones, so maybe they will exchange it.

failing that ill cancel my contract and let the credit card company sort the contract out since they can use the credit act on my behalf, and sign up with orange with s700i

Will see what happends when I go in tomorrow, just tried ringing the shop but there closed

Posted by jemo
all k700i should be withdrawn from sale until issue is resolved, my company has removed then from sale until further notice

Posted by Lynx69
I hate o2 for this reason : http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=60205


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Posted by rvision
what I hate is the fact that they denny there is a problem and make it think its down to you until someone like watchdog highlights the problem as being more of an epidemic than just a one off.

Its down to capitalist damage control and its extremly annoying and innconvinent. There really needs to be more consumer protection for issues like this. The big boys just like to push us around dennying things until they cant be dennied.

I cant get S.E or o2 to physically send me a statement saying they are at fault or what the fault is. They will only read a statment over the phone. I want written confirmation of a problem ive known about for sometime.


Posted by rvision
Well it sounds like CPW will replace the phone so thats a good start. I'll update the situation when I take it in on thursday.


Posted by dave_uk

Who did you speak to? I only ask because I'm still trying to find out what the official line on this one is!

Posted by peanut

On 2005-01-19 19:03:21, rvision wrote:
had the p800 & p900 already, bit to big bulky and heavy, was nice downsizing to the s700, with nicer screen and camera. appaerntly the s700i is only 1% of all phones, so maybe they will exchange it.

failing that ill cancel my contract and let the credit card company sort the contract out since they can use the credit act on my behalf, and sign up with orange with s700i

Will see what happends when I go in tomorrow, just tried ringing the shop but there closed

Unless your entire purchase including monthly line rental is being paid on this credit card that won't help you.

In the case of mobile phones, if purchased on contract it's subsidised. Therefore in Contract Of Sale law in the UK each monthly minimum payment is considered part of the purchase price of the phone. For the credit card company to be responsible each payment has to come off that credit card. Having claimed from First Direct many a time I can tell you it takes ages - months to get a resolution for claims against 'services' which is what you'll be claiming for.

Posted by rvision
I just spoke to a colleauge of my sister in the shop. Dont think they have an offcial line on the S700i yet, he wasnt aware of any but told me that if the phone was faulty they would replace it.

I have all my text messages saved and they are all time stamped when they come through in batches at the same time. And I also have a 3 sets of repeated messages, upto a maximum of 10 messages for one message. Think that should be enough for me to claim its faulty.

let us know if you hear of anything different dave.


Posted by kinc
No problems with my s700 since it was flashed at CPW.
So get free software update should work ok after that.

Posted by macjules
I have a S700i, bought in December last year from O2. Apart from suffering the same SMS nightmare and having gone through absolute hell with a rather abusive O2 store manager ("there is nothing wrong with any phone we sell, its all in your imagination . Now go away before you alarm my real customers") I now understand that the entire S700i range has been withdrawn from sale by O2.

Just got off the phone from O2, and they emphatically state that they do not intend to place this handset back on sale until Sony Ericsson have resolved the software problems. They've offered me the Nokia 6630 3G phone or I can pay the extra and get an XDA2i.

Posted by andygrif
I just got off the phone with O2 today too, after my S700 was supposed to be delivered yesterday! I had to phone them of course.

Nice of them to let me know wasn't it?!?!?!

They have sent back an entire batch of the S700i to SE two days ago due to 'software problems'.....

Me: When will it be back?
O2: We don't know, it might not be.
Me: How long will it take to find out how long?
O2: We don't know.
Me: When were you planning on telling me?
O2: We don't normally tell people when there's a problem.

So I call SE....

We don't know anything about this, we would have been told if they had sent them all back.

So I call a couple of O2 stores....one has one in stock, the other doesn't but says that they're getting them back in to central stores next week.

Does anyone actually know what the problem is...O2 elude to the issue being the same as the K700 one, but wouldn't say anything for definite. The thing I'm most unhappy about is the lies...someone's lying somewhere.

Any ideas when it might be fixed?

Would buying a non-O2 (i.e direct from SE) model be likely to work?

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Posted by macjules
The problem, as stated elsewhere on this forum, is quite simply that there is a major problem with the whole OS. The problems I encountered, as listed by the O2 store at 351 Oxford Street are:

Sudden failure of the handset to recognise the Sony Memory Stick, thus any sounds, wallpapers you had on there were lost.
Failure to store contact numbers.
Certain bluetooth operations would cause a system freeze, remote desktop control is one. trying to synchronise contacts with an XDA2 was another one.
and most of all...
You could be sent an SMS by someone. The handset would then put that text message into some weird loop and you would start receiving the SAME message over and over again. In my case I received the same message every 10 minutes for something like 4 hours.

Posted by goldenface
I know I have posted this before but no one seems to take any notice.
If you have a K/S700 and you suffer from the infamous text bug, all you have to do is change the SMS ACCESS setting from GPRS to GSM. This is found under CONNECTIVITY >>> DATA COMMUNICATION >>> SMS ACCESS.

Hope this helps. It worked for me.

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