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Posted by tbytesoft

After sticking my k700i onto K700i I have attempted to use that site and it came up with an error (right after switching my phone off) saying my operator does not allow such updates.

I use Vodafone, or perhaps it may be one of its operators "SinglePoint/SinglePoint4u".

Anyone knows about this?

I bought the phone from Vodafone, but did not know they rebrand the phone. I get the annoying Vodafone animations, phone's infested with red themes and voda pics. The right menu nav button has "Live" red little logo instead, which afaik on the k700i has "more" written on it. So basically I lost a useful menu.

Anyone knows if it's worth a shot returning this phone and requesting an original, non-rebranded k700i?



Posted by vee
welcome again... branded phones are not allowed to use SE US at the moment...

please check the following threads and ask any questions there:




thanks and enjoy


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