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missing animations after updating k700 firmware

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Posted by marlonski
I've just updated my k700 to the latest firmware via the se site and have noticed that I am missing some animations (the little cool geeza's) you can add to a txt via more/add item/animation.

I am missing 'devil','crying' and 'confused' not the end of the world I know. If a friend sends over txt I cannot view those particular animations if they have been added.

I have had a look around the sony site and around this forum and several others but cannot find anything on this.

Maybe a later firmware update will correct this...?

Would like to re-install these if possible, anyone have any ideas ??

Cheers !

Posted by scotsboyuk

I suppose you could have you K700 flashed back to the previous firmware, that might restore the icons. It would be interesting here if anyone else has lost the animations after upgrading their firmware, then we would know if this is a general firmware problem or if it has just affected you.

Posted by marlonski
I agree that it would be interesting to find out if anyone has experienced this problem ??

If it's a one off then maybe installing older firmware then re-installing the latest may prove to be a winner.

Thanks for the feedback

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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Posted by what
I lost the start up animation of the sony ericsson liquid icon.

Posted by scotsboyuk

It's not quite the same thing as above, but did this happen after you upgraded your firmware?

Posted by what
yeah it happend after i uppdate my firmware

Posted by scotsboyuk

It would seem obvious that the firmware upgrade is to blame; perhaps re-flashing it with the latest firmware might do the trick. You could always try to get your original firmware re-installed as well.

Posted by FISKER_Q
I have R2L001 and the animations are here.
They're among the first four here.

Posted by marlonski
Intersting......same firmware as me but did you update it yourself ?

Posted by govigov
@scots, you should know now that you cannot flash back to a previous firmware. However you can reflash it i suppose.@marlonski, pm me your number and i will send you the animation. ;-)

Posted by what
I update my phone at service center and then i have try out to update my phone online. I donīt remeber with of them remove it. But i remeber i had an animation when i start up the phone.

Posted by scotsboyuk

Isn't there any way to restore an older version of firmware?

Posted by govigov
yes i guess i am correct

Posted by scotsboyuk

There must be some way to re-install older firmware. Does anyone know?

Posted by what
Maybe you can try to leave the phone to SE service-center and talk to them that u what an older version of firmware?.

Posted by marlonski
Perhaps i should just 're-install' the latest firmware...even tho it said it was successful, perhaps the update itself is a little tempremental........( just like the older firmware) ??

Posted by scotsboyuk

Will you be able to do that? Won't the online update process detect that you have the latest firmware and therefore not let you 'update'?

Posted by govigov
Any luck my mate?

Posted by marlonski

I don't know if you can re-install but perhaps it's worth a try, don't suppose it's any different from re-installing a pc program ?

govigov was kind enough to send me each one of the missing animations, my inbox showed that I had an attachment on each of the txt he sent but when each message was opened I had nothing there other than what govigov had written, shame ! (cheers mate, hope it doesn't cost ya an arm and a leg !, looks like those txt travelled some serious distance to get to me!)

Something I omitted from my original post (what a nobjockey !) was that when I go through the process of attaching an animation,the three in question, I should have said aren't missing as such, all three are shown as a default file icon unlike the ones that work. When I try to select one I get a message saying 'operation failed'.

It obviously didn't click at the time but it sounds to me like now like the files are corrupted.

What do you think ?

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Posted by CyberVisitor
Here's the situation. The Sony Ericsson Online Update Service randomly corrupts the firmware on the K700i when it performs the update. Sony Ericsson has had a lot of phones sent in due to this problem. The same problem occurs at some local service points.

There is no telling exactly what files get corrupted or even when/why. It happens randomly. Some have experienced missing frames in the camera mode afterwards, some have corrupted pictures/screensavers, and some lose their startup picture while others get corrupted sound or theme files. Not all phones have this problem when performing the update, but Sony Ericsson now have found a pattern and decided to stop the Online Update Service until they have sorted out the problem.

The problem for Sony Ericsson was that people who updated their phone didn't notice that it got corrupted at once since the phone functioned properly afterwards. When people have used their phone for a while, they noticed that some of its user interface was corrupted.

Doing a new update won't solve peoples problem since the procedure doesn't replace files that are up-to-date (even corrupted files can be up-to-date). Doing a rescue update won't help either, since the procedure is similar to the update procedure. The corrupted phones must be sent in to Sony Ericsson who eventually re-installs the whole system firmware. Some - but not all - local service points are also capable of doing that, and that's why some people here have managed to "downgrade" to older firmware or have their phone "re-flashed" with the current software version (re-installed firmware).

By checking your log file called "mySEUSlog" in the "log" folder, you should be able to see if your phone got corrupted somehow when performing the update. If any of the lines say "Warning Signature invalid! File will be deleted" or "Error", then you most likely have corrupted and/or missing files on your K700i. You just might not have noticed it since it could be a file you haven't been trying to use yet.

The update service wont be back online until this problem is solved.


Other known corruptions after performing the update now are: Radio wont work, all games are deleted when phone is turned off, phone resets each time it's turned on, screen is looking weird when in idle mode if there is a missed phone call and screen light is set to "Auto".

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Posted by marlonski

That makes a lot of sense, thanks for that cyberVisitor.

Fortunately for me and baring in mind what you have said, my phone seems to have suffered minimal injury ! Everything else seems to be working fine at the mo (fingers crossed !). I did the update around 4 wks ago so I hope if it was going to start to play up it would've by now.

I will wait to see what unfolds over the next few weeks and see if sony can get their act together. I can live without the animations for now, I suppose it's a small price to pay for getting the battery working like it should !


Posted by govigov
@marlon... they didnt cost me much.. any way, cybervisitor is talking some sense...

Posted by marlonski

Agree......makes good sense !

Thanks Guys

Posted by Wizard0076
I have a k700i and have just yesterday tried to run the update with no success. When I run the SUES program it seems to complete the installation but it takes only about 30 seconds and nothing appears to have happened?

After reading your comments Cybervisitor, were you say 'The update service wont be back online until this problem is solved.' I'm wondering is this my problem? Surely the 'update' section would be totally down if this is the case and I wouldn't have been able to 'supposedly' complete the installation without any reference to the update being unavailable at present? Is there anyway of checking if it has installed successfully on the handset itself?

What exactly are the benefits of running the update anyway?


Posted by mtt_ca
SEUS online and running

I've updated 2 K700i today (mine and my colleague's one) and everything seem right.

With the 1st try (with my phone), there were some error in the log:

08.35.00:598 13 Warning Signature invalid! File will be deleted (by) homeflash.jd
08.35.00:598 14 Warning Signature invalid! File will be deleted (by) homeflash.jd
08.38.37:179 15 Info File signature is ok, file downloaded successfully. (by) com.sonyericsson.homeflash.t
08.39.13:758 16 Info File signature is ok, file downloaded successfully. (by) com.sonyericsson.homeflash.t

As you see - line 13 and 14 are error
and line 15-16 - error corrected (!?!)

With the 2nd try (the 2nd phone) - no error at all - line 13-14 just the same as 1st try's line 15-16 and there were no line 15-16.

What I'd like to say IS - Most likely that SonyEricsson had corrected the error in their online Update Service - it can now reload the file if the signature found wrong.

Posted by marlonski

Thanks for the info

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