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What is your ringtone?

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Posted by rrojas260
Mine is the Mortal Kombat fight theme

What is yours?

Posted by Sentertainment
Jet - Are you gonna be my girl

Posted by kasei
Shut up- Black Eyed Peas

Posted by astvilla99
Mine is the offspring . The kids arent alright

Posted by Mohammed98221
I used to have mortal kombat on before but now i use the NYC tune

Posted by GreatDane
That's really weird, i just changed my ringtone to the mortal kombat theme last night, but before reading this post. It used to be the fraggle rock theme though

Posted by kimcheeboi
I use 5 ringtones- final countdown by europa, party boy from jackass, all my life by kci and jojo (for my lady), champagne supernova by oasis, and bittersweet symphony by the verve.

Posted by sn3ipen
I use Metalica with The Unforgiven.

Posted by BobaFett
Nordic theme

Posted by mixin
elton john - ready for love

Posted by roobi
Dmx - Party Up

Posted by kasei
Now happy here-danmas dj

Posted by Scottishlassie
Scotland the Brave here.

Posted by Sammy_boy
The one I'm using at the moment the Starsky and Hutch theme on my phone - and also the Muppets, Ghostbusters, Hawaii 5-0, Thunderbirds, Batman, Pink Panther, and Outkast's Hay Ya - all very good so I'm a bit spoilt for choice at the moment!

Just one thing - the Starsky and Hutch ringtone doesn't start sounding for about 4 seconds - the phone vibrates and it makes a brief sound when it first starts to ring - why does it not go straight into the tone straight off?

Posted by mr_m
'why' - Heartless Crew mp3

Posted by Skrue
feeling this (chorus) - blink182 mp3

Posted by Elrond
I have Ludacris - Act A Fool at the moment, but I change it very often.

May the power of search be with you

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Posted by chazz
the old school telephone noise that comes with the T610. Mainly because it turns more heads than normal Polyphonic ones and its SO cool!

Posted by Atlis
I use vibrations most of the time. Classical phone is really cool...

Posted by djpowelly
Yeah by Usher!

Posted by Bianca
Usher - Yeah!

Posted by Bart.w
Most of the time I use the 'Friends' theme.

Posted by stuartdb87
Faithless - Insomnia

Posted by soichiro
i'm using 'canon in d' polyphonic at the moment.

Posted by davo87
Feeder - Comfort In Sound at the moment, used to be Just a Day but got bored of that...samsung 40 poly kicks ass aswell!

Posted by bigkdawg
Where the hood at - dmx

Posted by Andrew21
U.K.N.D -Modriny

Posted by Burgaz
96 Quite Bitter Beings by CKY!
A must for all rock fans!!


Basket Case by Green Day!

Posted by BobaFett
a bit disappointed that fones dont ring anymore... the only acceptable ringsignal for me in the t610 is the old fone imho.

Posted by Burgaz
ok so how about some of peoples more embarrassing ring tones!!

Mine has to be a couple of weeks ago, when i had Karate by Tenatious D on mp3 as my message tone! Now, anyone that's heard the song could imagine my embarrassment when i was stood in my local sony centre, talkin to the assistant about mini dv, when i get a txt msg and my phone starts singing about kickin someones ass!

Let just say i left the store in a bit of a hurry!

Posted by harvey172
Usher-yeah. Used 2 b nickelback how u remind me:-D

Posted by JohnM
On my P900 I use depeche mode - enjoy they silence (mp3) as default ringer. For family i have old fashioned ring sound. For my wife loanstar - amazed (mp3). For my brother karl douglas - kungfu fighting (mp3) and for friends electric six - gay bar!

Posted by Vlammetje
Disney - Fantasmic... the music that is played during the live show that debuted during my Disney Days

Posted by burcak
It was walk this way (Aerosmith-Run Dmc) and one thay I chanced it with my 5 year old daughters voice, now when somebody call me phone rangs "dady please answer the phone" I think it is cool

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Posted by soichiro

Posted by Yaesu
currently its hey-ya by out cast

Posted by Codfather
Bo-Selecta`s Craaaige Daaavid. Doin freestyle. Awesome??(I aint used that word for years sorry )

Posted by Toggen
I'm using gmblues. A classical jazztune. Really cool actualy. :-)

Posted by gardar
Super mario game theme! -classic! -these old moments:-D

Posted by coo1k3n
I have alot of polytones, but my main one (and the best one) i have is Usher- You Remind Me :-P

Posted by tranquil
My ring tone is in my signature

Posted by soichiro

Posted by tranquil
Yeah, that is exactly how people react when my phone rings.

Posted by Vlammetje
that's hilarious

Posted by Novus

On 2004-04-11 18:11:44, tranquil wrote:
My ring tone is in my signature

Nice ringtone THX

Posted by leew347
ive got the circus theme tune. Its mint or for KiMcHeEbOi its "clean" lol

Posted by *Jojo*
I got :

-Mission Impossible
-Save The Best For Last (Vanessa Williams)
-Take On Me (A-Ha)
-Sailing (Christopher Cross)

Posted by rdnymllnsktr
Well, my ringtones were starting to crowd up on my phone, and I only used them when I had the appropriate theme. I had so many video game pics on my phone, that I decided to do something about it. I made themes with all of the video game pics, and stuck the ringer into the theme. I then changed the ringer to "Set by Theme". Now, whenever I change themes, the ringer autochanges!!! My ringers and themes are

Theme Ringer
Windows XP Pro Some Electronic Song
My Skating 2 Who's Watching?
X and Zero Storm Eagle's Stage
Matrix Code The Matrix Theme
08-02A Contra Medley
Zelda Zelda (Orchestral Version)
Street Fighter Guile (Violent Emotion)
Metroid Magmoor Caverns
Bluejacking F-Zero GX Title
Matthew Perry Friends Theme
Mortal Kombat Movie Theme
Killer Instinct Game Theme
Pisces Joybells
Street Theme Help!
Kirby Video Game Theme
The New Tetris Video Game Theme
CPMC Vertigo
SE Car-100 SONY Ericsson
Ogrebattle 64 Video Game Theme
Ducktales TV Show Theme Song
Resident Evil Mansion
Scales of Justice Can't remember
Water Jugs Can't remember
Monochrome Nokia Ringtone (Ha ha, I know)

Posted by TheSlayer
Melt with you by modern english

Posted by Fritz24
Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode.

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