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Palm Zire 71, SE t68i, Canon A200 Digital Camera

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Posted by jryanlee80
Palm Zire 71, t68i, Canon A200

I am selling the ff. items in very good condition:

SOLD - 1. 8 months old Palm Zire 71 with 128 MB SD Card with Screen Protector - 12,000 only
SOLD - 2. 1 yr old t68i - 6,000 pesos only
3. Canon A200 with CP10 Printer - 10,000
CP10 Printer - 6000 only.


Pls. contact me at 09209089348 or email me at jquestz@netscape.net

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Posted by superunknown
Location please.

Posted by jryanlee80
Makati Area, near Makati Medical Center

Posted by warp86
@how much for the cp10 printer? how old?

Posted by jryanlee80
I bought it last Sept. 2002 (almost 1 year 7 months). I used it once using the free papers. I never used it afterwards... it is 6000.. you will have to download the driver since their is only 1 CD bundled with for the camera... or i might burn a cd for you

Posted by jryanlee80
this is a done deal. thanks.


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