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Audio player problems (p900)

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Posted by Chaser81
Why doesnt the p900's built in audio player show up the wav files l have in my unfiled folder when in the main screen? It shows the mp3s but not the wavs. You can see them in the playlist view, just not the main screen.

Posted by kanwal_diku
go to audio.then edit then prefrences and tick on all of the file formats.this will solve ur problem.

Posted by taykh
Regarding audio player problem posted by Chaser81, I encounterd the same problem for my P900. But I could not find any Audio file or folder from my P900 as adviced from kanwal_diku. Maybe kanwal can give more details advice, thank you.

Posted by kanwal_diku
sorry i didnt understand ur question.i think i gave a wrong reply.just tell me can u play wavs on ur phone as chasser wrote that he can see wavs in playlist mode but not in main screen.what is main screen .

Posted by Evolution VIII
in my experience it can read only wavs but it can not be used as ringtone or whatever, you have to convert it to mp3 file first before p900 recognize it

Posted by Gatecrasher
When you open Audio on the P900 the first screen will only show you MP3s.
To view your waves, goto Music, then Manage tracks.
Here you will see the files off other formats along with your MP3s

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