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P900 - bit too quiet!

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Posted by vanquish
Hey guys (and doll's!),
Been gettin dead pissed off about my t300. nice little phone but i need a new one! Seein as there was no stuff goin around couple o' months ago i decided to stop using esato - partly becuase my computer went bust. Then i asked my dad if i could getta new phone and he says only if its a smartphone. So i save for the p800 then realise its gotta crap colour screen compared to t610. Then theres rumours floatin dat the p900 is comin so i wait and get read all about it last week. But its dead weird, when the t610 hadnt been realised all of esato had been bustin their guts about little leds on the joysticks and the weight and stuff. Noone could stop talkin about rumours, but when the new z's and p900 are comin out i cant even find info like the release date!

does anyone know about the release date and price of the p900 preferably in the uk and pounds!

thanx alot

Posted by anish
You must be joking mate You couldn't find any info on the p900. do a search on the p900 on esato and I bet you can find at least 50 different threads on it which will answer most of your queries

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Posted by randomyachtie
@ daredeviluk
Yeh, right!
Just look down at the threads on the first page of this forum. I've just scanned down and p900 is mentioned 14 times! Trust me, it has been discussed, especially the two questions you ask.

Posted by vanquish
ok i exaggereated but still not as much hustle and bustle as wen t610 came out hanks

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