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GPRS bandwidth - how fast is your operator?

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Posted by arnoldc
How fast is your GPRS connection? Go to http://www.2wire.com/support/index.html and at the bottom of the page there is a Bandwidth Meter link. Click it and it will show how fast the connection is.

You must be using your phone as a modem to your PC.

Of course there are factors to consider, such as location, etc. Anyway,

My results:

1. Toshiba Tecra 8100 + Win XP Pro + T68 + DRS-10 + Smart network yields 34.3 Kbps (average of 3 tests)
2. Toshiba Tecra 8100 + Win XP Pro + Nokia 8310 + Infrared + Globe network yields 31.5 Kbps (average of 3 tests)

What's yours?

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Posted by GPRS
My results:

Desktop + Win XP Pro + T39 + DRS-10 + Globe network yields 34.6 Kbps (average of 3 tests)

As of 17:04

Posted by Fulika
I think that there will not be big difference between the operators. I don't know about operator who implements higher coding scheme in his network than 12 kbit/s for one channel in GPS mode. The t68 theoretically know to use the faster coding schemes, but there is no operators now for this. If you use HSCSD mode then you abe to use (with newer nokias) 3x14.4 kbit/s in downlink direction. Unfortunately the new ericssons cannot able to use 3 channel downlink. Only use 2 channels ( In HSCSD mode the nokias better solution at this time ((

Posted by RANDYC
my results are very dismal:

1. desktop pc + WinMe + Ma 600 IR + T39 + Globe GPRS = 21.8 kbps

lives in Pque city.... as of 7:34 pm ( Manila Time )

please enlighten me.... why the poor performance

Posted by johanch
Pentium 3 500mhz laptop, Win2000 pro, TDK Bluetooth PC-card, T68m, NetCom GPRS, average speed: 28.8 kb/s... This really sucks! Any suggestions on WHY I can't get any faster connection???

Posted by cadcad
HEY!! Does it take a lot of time to check the connection? it's been more than 35mn and it says nothing till now...
Plus, does a firewall affect the checking system?!?!

Posted by johanch
35 minutes???!!! I think you should close your browser and try again

Yes... Maybe the firewall is the reason... I used Norton Internet Security 2002 under my test, and it was not a problem at all.

If you can "shut down" your firewall for a while, you should try that when you are testing your bandwidth... But remember to "set up" the firewall afterwards

Posted by Fulika
Possible reason of the lower speed: the operator is limiting the useable GPRS channels, there is no free channel for 3 downlink GPRS (the speech has higher priority), other guy in the cell use GPRS too.

Posted by GOwin
the URL you gave doesn't work, i wanted to try the GPRS speeds here at zambo (but right now it really sucks!)

i get an 404 error

Posted by dan47
Link is not workn. Go to www.2wire.com n go to services

Posted by eweiwei
Yeah, it's a bad link .. not found

my operator is http://www.indosat-m3.com
check urself the bandwidth

Posted by jhermano
OK guys I'm curious to try this out. I just don't know how to set up my laptop to use GPRS on my T39. Can any one help? Do i make a new dial up connection? If so, what number do i tell the dial up networking to dial?

Posted by arnoldc
2wire changed the structure of their web site. I have made changes to my original post to reflect the new URL.

Posted by arnoldc
Using 2wire.com

Toshiba Tecra 8100 + Win XP Pro + T68 + Anycom CF-2000 Bluetooth CF card + Smart network yields 33.866667 Kbps (average of 3 tests)

Using McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer

Toshiba Tecra 8100 + Win XP Pro + T68 + Anycom CF-2000 Bluetooth CF card + Smart network yields 31,92 Kbps (average of 3 tests)

Posted by babynino
Using an IBM Thinkpad P3 with 3com Bluetooth Wireless PC Card connected to GLOBE PH GPRS thru a T68i.

I used mcafee's online internet connection speed test located at:

Got an average of 29.28 Kbps or 3.66KBps.

Posted by laffen

I checked my 748Kb cable connection with Mcafee's tool, and it turns out that I have a 168Mb connection.

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Posted by ferrarista44
man, that's like riding a Ferrari! whooooosh!

GPRS + T68 + DRS-10 + PC (Me)
mine's 30,000 bits per second on average. transfer rate = 3.75 Kb/sec.
wonder how it feels to have a 165Mb/s connection!

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Posted by babynino

Wooo its like accessing data's locally from your hard disk... *drool

Posted by jems
Toshiba Tecra 8100+Win98se+irda+globe gprs=31.8kbps ( highest of 3 tests)

Posted by racoonice
desktop pc +winxp home + MA600 IR +t68 +Globe GPRS
result using mcAfee =31.84 Kbps
(3.98 KBps) on the average ...3 tries

Posted by Duke
Compaq Armada M300 Win 2K, 3COM Bluetooth card and T68 on China Telecom:29.3kbit/s

Posted by Jowi

new connection
then dial up number: *99**# (uncheck dialling rules)
Usernamen & Password: leave it blank

Posted by Fahed_2000
it seems as if my connection got faster each time i run the test
Test completed...
Bandwidth = 418.7 Kbps
Bandwidth = 465.1 Kbps
Bandwidth = 470.5 Kbps
Bandwidth = 471.5 Kbps
Bandwidth = 473.2 Kbps
Bandwidth = 475.4 Kbps
Bandwidth = 475.9 Kbps

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