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Android - OS, Performance, Real World Use: Chime In

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Posted by Supa_Fly
Hi Everyone,

unlike many of you I've not had very good experiences transitioning over to Android OS in the past: OS 3, 4, 5 (not sure I ever tried OS 6). All my friends use Android never caught onto iOS where I'm used to iOS. I use both Windows and Mac OS but even my lady is thinking of going Android. Kids are using Android Docs with Cloud emulation and access via a browser in public school. The fragmentation of Android OS is the 1 of a few things that concerns me giving this another try.

Android installations, not just how many devices are running which OS version, although highly cable of running Nougat v7, the manufacturer's are VERY slow to bring current devices Up to speed and even waiting to launch new devices on the latest and greatest to entice sales: a concept I'm NOT fond of. I'm also concerned, from what I've seen some Applications not being compatible to run on some devices of the same 'generation' vs others it will: processors, RAM, Storage (in/ex-ternal), and resolutions, al being the same doesn't make sense.

Right now I use the following on my iPhone and was hoping I could make a smooth transition:
Messages (iMessage has advantages over WiFi vs regular SMS; but WhatsApp has this as well)
- I was hoping WhatsApp would evolve into not using and exposing my mobile phone number to new contacts and say only and email address or if using my mobile number - it's hidden and ONLY my online name is visible/accessible to contacts. Disgruntled Ex's can be a REAL freaking pain you know.

- I like to have a history of call logs (#'s, time of each call, duration of each call, in/outbound along with missed calls)
- I'm still not liking the ability of having a gmail account sourcing ALL my data and then mined without me being paid for it but that model will never come: you'll see why later!

Music [VERY IMPORTANT hence why I'm looking at Sony again]
- SoundHound, iTunes/Apple Music streaming (I'm a Mac user at home, Windows at work), SoundClound playlists, etc.
- Apps to make beats with 'BeatMaker' (great on iOS there are others, GarageBand, Akai, etc) but I'm not sure if these are available on Android and JUST how powerful and compatible they are with MacOS Logic or Ableton on PC/Mac??!
Speaker Compatbility:
I'm currently using Sonos Play:1 Matte Black yet planning on upgrading to B&O's M5 and direct Android and Sony Hi-RES Audio would be perfect yet ALSO allowing for AirPlay support as well (son is iOS user).

Apple Watch
Sleep tracking - I'm a sever insomnia and I'm heaving tracking both my pulse rate and sleep patterns (I have serious night terrors the past 3yrs, trying to avoid medication)
Digital Workout schedule
- I use 'Strong" app which I compose my workouts: Exercises, sets/reps, rests, days of workouts along with tracking heart rate. I actually momentarily go DEAF when breathing in hyperventilating always had this not a health issue.
> I'm after a solid, well laid out application that will work with a fitness wrist band or alternatively my Jabra Pulse headphones (they have a built-in heart rate monitor).

would be great to return of just using normal AAC/MP3's and setting the specific playback area of a song ON device and not through some annoying process of a File Manager and music juke box!

Themes: Sony makes the best killer themes!
Apple ... I have a whole paragraph of explicatives to post here but I will not, you get the idea.

PS: Does anyone heavily use and recommend a digital Android watch or sports band they use on Android?

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