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SE W960i - Is the software rewriteable?

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Posted by snoop69
Hi all,

Looking for someone that can tell me if the following is possible.

I have an as new W960 & would like my young daughter to have it as it plays
video etc.

However, is it possible to rewrite the software removing the internet capabilities?

If possible, any here want to take the job on?

Thanks in advance.

Posted by tranced
Wow! It's been a lot since I saw one of this device.

Internet capabilities you mean wifi and data?

Posted by hihihans
I think you can turn data off in settings.

Posted by cableguy
Or just pop in an old inactive sim so you can the functions of the phone except calls and texts

Posted by snoop69
Thanks for your replies peeps.

Was looking to get all traces of internet capabilities removed
so she cannot ask why it doesnt work.

Would that make the phone faster for video viewing etc?

Thanks again.....

Posted by tranced
These days is kind of hard to tell that you could do that. You should have asked it like ~6 years ago, when UIQ modding was a thing.

And no, it wouldn't make a difference.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
I'm finding it difficult to find a forum to point you to mate, many of the old Symbian forums are either dead with dead links to mods or only go about as far back as S60v5.

UIQ devices were discontinued around 9years ago, W960 being amongst the last ones, so it's very difficult to find stuff for them lately. Maybe try ask at All About Symbian, they may still have a few Symbian users around who can help.

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