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Phone Suggestions, please?

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Posted by AlvinZahranM
I want to get a new phone, around this mid June or I could wait patiently (with this crap laptop and my almost broken, yet memory hungry Xperia L).. Should I buy Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3+, Just wait till IFA for next Z5, Just wait till next year for what comes out of Sony people's minds, or buy Zenfone 2?

Please put your suggestions in the comment below, or you all have strategies in buying phones, I want a Sony phone, actually, but please put any suggestions below, any help you all give to me would be appreciated. I'm so confused to death in deciding to buy a phone today because of this unscheduled and confusing scheme of Sony announcements this year that makes me dying and drives me nuts. Or you all have suggestions, or a way in deciding on how I buy one of those phones, I really need that phone for now, but yeah, please help me

oh yeah! these are prices of phones in my country (Indonesia) in cheapest prices that I got
Xperia Z3 = IDR 6,899,000 / US$ 517
Xperia Z3 Compact = IDR 5,899,000 / US$442
Xperia C4 = IDR 4,499,000 / US$337
Xperia M4 Aqua = IDR 3,999,000 / US$299.7
Zenfone 2 64GB with 4GB RAM = IDR 4,799,000 / US$359.6
Galaxy S6 = IDR 8,999,000 / US$674.3
Galaxy S6 Edge = IDR 11,999,000 / US$899.1
One M9 = IDR 9,999,000 / US$749.3
G4 = IDR 7,649,000 / US$573.2
G4 Leather = IDR 7,949,000 / US$595.7
Xperia Z3+'s price remain unknown in my country but it's like around US$620 or something (cheaper than europe price)..


Posted by Sony Ericsson Indonesia
Beli lg g4 atau tunggu z3+. Samsung sekarang gak ada removable battery. Menurut saya Sony saja klw gitu. Jangan Samsung.

Posted by AlvinZahranM
sip deh, but what about that overheating news? and reduce on that battery, also, if the camera doesn't improve at all, or just a very minor improvements, and the price is far higher than IDR 6,899,000 mark or if it touches 8 million IDR mark, don't beg for me to buy that hahaha

I think I'll get that Z3 this week, but I already read the reviews and the camera isn't that bad actually.. I just want more..

kalo Z3 gimana mas? kan gak jauh beda sama Z3+, lagian baterai Z3 lebih banyak kapasitasnya dan katanya lebih bagus lagi.. IFA is in early September, which even next monday is too long for me hahaha
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Posted by Tsepz_GP
Why not just wait until IFA? If nothing comes then at least the Z3 will be still available at a lower price.

Posted by AlvinZahranM
alright, but I don't know, I'm still thinking about it. But if in IFA they'll announce a flagship that still has disappointing specs and everything, including camera, I'll stick my choice with my Z3

Posted by AlvinZahranM
I should thank Sony now hahaha. Xperia Z3+ costs at IDR 9,999,000 in my country, that is $750-760 or around that (although for pre order, the price will be IDR 9,499,000 ($712)). I'm so getting Z3 then.. And what's weird that I already ordered 32GB MicroSD even I haven't got that phone yet hahaha

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