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galaxy s6 battery life?

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Posted by dobart

I got my Galaxy S6 last Friday, however, I find that its battery is not last longer than my wife’s Galaxy S5,

Am I the only one to have this feeling?

Posted by goldenface
How long are you getting? Have you activated the battery saving features?

Posted by Tsepz_GP
The Galaxy S6 has a much smaller battery than the S5, although its CPU and Display are more efficient than the S5s, the smaller battery pretty much negates the better efficiency to a point. I've read mixed experiences around the S6, some guys get a good 5hours Screen On Time with a full day off charge, yet I've seen some say they struggle to get through a full day.

Posted by aussieland1
S6 has a qhd screen vs fhd from s5 - this makes a difference as well.

Posted by badassmam
Been using one as a work phone and its not good enough. I use my smartwatch heavily now so that I use less of the phone. It seems ridiculous that the battery bleeds so badly so I would expect some sort of software fix will become available. Even though the screen and processor is probably more efficient than others, a small battery just kills it especially when you start juggling multiple tasks on the phone. I only use it for work purposes so no games or video. Its going at the end of the week in exchange for some antibodies. Get a Note 4.

Posted by my ninja
Mine lasts for a day or so (24hr day) I got 34 hrs or so with 4.5h SOT.. not horrible. ive had better, but its miles ahead of the LGG3

Posted by badassmam
G3 was never going to have good battery life and it really depends on how heavily you use it in terms of the apps too. The S6 doesn't work for my purposes but my colleagues are using the Note 4 heavily with no issues. I'll use my Z1C with my SW3 for personal supplemented with my Windows tablet for work. The Note 4 is the best choice, the ultimate device but I couldn't use it as my personal driver, I like Sony too much. The Note 4 isn't much bigger than the S6 and the edge is far more useful on it than on the S6 Edge. None of the Note 4 owners that I know have gone for the S6, they see it as a downgrade.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Yep, Note 4 is still the way to go, IMO. Use mine heavily, get well over 20hours off charge and between 7-8hours Screen On Time. Right now sitting on 14hours off charge, just over 3hours SOT and have 48% battery remaining, I seldom get the battery below 30% unless I YouTube heavily.
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