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Tim Cook uses his iPad for 80% of his work

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Posted by Tsepz_GP

"Apple has often said that the iPad can be a replacement for quite a lot of the things you might need to do on a daily basis. Some people still need a more full featured computer for advanced tasks, like hardcore gaming or video production, but most things can be handled on a tablet. And, Tim Cook appears to be proving that true by doing 80% of his work on an iPad.

Or, maybe Cook is just claiming that to be true because Apple and IBM are trying to push iOS devices for enterprise use. It is certainly a good sound bite when trying to sell iPads to enterprise to be able to say that the head of the world's most valuable company does 80% of his work on an iPad. Overall, it isn't all that hard to believe either.

Whether or not you can trade in your Mac or PC for a tablet is really a personal decision. Or, it may even be something of a leap of faith. You may assume that you absolutely need to have a traditional PC, but may find that you can get by with just a mobile device, if you have to."


Posted by Gitaroo
I can only say that I can do more with my android tablet than on my ipad.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
I doubt anyone is disputing that.

My 2yearold Android tablet certainly does more than my iPad 4, but I must say, I thoroughly enjoy using my iPad, the apps are far more solid and well optimized, the only thing I really hate is Safari's poor memory management when you use anything more than 3 tabs on it, other than that I'm loving the experience, I also like the special iPad apps like Bloomberg TV+ which we don't even get in Android in any form.
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Posted by Supa_Fly
I think the deal with IBM will bring not only the services and applications catered to enterprise that iOS needs, but it will specifically transform the iPad devices into something we already have with Microsoft Surface Pro 2 or 3. Considering the last 2 quarters Apple's laptops are selling less than that previous years quarter(s) respectively and the past 9yrs ... it's clear the path Apple will need to take. The Mac Pro will remain along with the MBP lineup, but the iMac may give way to the Mac Mini or vice versa ... and moreover the MBA may just merge with the iPad into some form of a convertible. Yes I know convertibles fail in terms of mass market sales success or appeal in any given target market range, but on a global scale the suck balls. Yet I'm sure Apple just like they did with the tablet will succeed where M$ failed for so many years and make it nouveau again.

To be honest I wouldn't buy an iPad if it did everything OS X could do not with that little bit of power behind the cpu. Give me the Surface Pro 3 any day.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Indeed, the IBM deal is really going to help the iPad especially, Apple timed this perfectly as I was worried that the Surface Pro 3 was looking like the only truly enterprise focused tablet, Apple just swooped in with IBM. Although the iPad doesn't have the sheer raw power of the SP3 I still believe that it's compactness mixed with IBMs suite of apps will be a great selling point over the SP3, but I'd still recommend an SP3 for power users.

My only problem with the SP3 is the apparent lack of 3G or LTE, I personally use my iPad a lot off WiFi, and with LTE coverage being so great down here I enjoy browsing, streaming and updating media through LTE if I'm in a place with no WiFi or if the WiFi is clogged up where I am, another win for the iPad.

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