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Xperia ZR proximity sensor problem

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Posted by mustafabay
My sister dropped her almost new ZR and cracked the screen and because it cracked where the menu button is she had to fix it right away. Apart from it being a $200+ job, which I think is a little too much, they seemed to have messed the phone up a bit. For one somehow the notification LED seems to no longer be centered and it doesn't light up very well, how they managed that is beyond me

The main problem however is with the proximity sensor. I tried it in the test menu and it is always on. On my SP the sensor is just about under the Sony logo under the earpiece and the default is off, now with the ZR its always on.

Is this a software problem that might be solverd when the ZR gets 4.4 soon? Or is this a botched job from the service center? is the sensor in anyway connected to the screen?

In its current form of the problem, depending on the sim used the screen either never goes off when making a call or it goes off immediately; in which case it takes 2 or more taps on the power to get the screen back on.

Posted by hihihans
This looks like some clumsy amateur replaced the screen.
Did she get any form of warranty on the job?

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Perhaps if the notification light is not centered, the proximity sensor is not centred either and it is picking up the panel in front of it, thinking it is a close object. :/

Was it repaired through Sony channels? If so, surely there must be a guarantee on the repairs? Or the original warranty might cover it even though it was not repaired under warranty, because technically after a repair it should be back to good condition right? And it's not.
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Posted by mustafabay
Yes, it was done by the official dealer's service center. So this is definitely a hardware problem?

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Too hard to say for sure but it certainly sounds more likely to be a hardware fault to me. I would definitely take it back and say you're unhappy with the repairs.
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Posted by tranced
Agree with M-O. Take it back. The job done with the phone should offer some days as guarantee.

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