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Three kills unlimited tethering: Unlimited data only on top contracts

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Posted by goldenface
Three is no longer offering unlimited tethering allowances for new customers. New One Plan subscribers will be limited to contracts offering a maximum of 2GB of tethered data, and will be charged for each additional 1GB used.

Furthermore, Three has also confirmed that only its highest-paying customers will receive unlimited mobile data.

SIM-free contracts and customers already using Three's service will continue on their current plans, but those signing up for a new handset contract will be subject to the revised conditions.

Three recently upgraded all 3G contracts to 4G deals at no extra cost, bringing the service to all customers with a compatible device last month.

The service provider has also made all 0800 calls free for all of its mobile customers.

source: DigitalSpy

Posted by Bonovox
Thank god i got my contract 6 months ago I still have tethering. The new free calls thing is a new tarriff and you'll lose tethering if you go onto it

Posted by fluke9
When did this start ??

I had a nightmare with them last month, my 2 year iPhone 4S contract ended and I asked to go sim only One Plan 30 day £18, but some how they never put it through, when I informed them they told me oh it's £23 a month now.

So I said cancel it now, they did sort it though, but I'm worried now No Tethering ???

Posted by Bonovox
I'd ask them but sim only is tethering allowed on One Plan still. This started only few days ago

Posted by fluke9
Thanks Bono I will.

First time they cocked it up in 4 years.

Posted by goldenface
It's making me think about my next device, my contract is up in about 6 months but I'm ordering a Z2 Tablet next week and now considering the 4G version.

Otherwise I won't be able to stream movies while tethering from my phone. I'll have to get the Remote control hands-free device in order to take calls at home.

What other unlimited contracts are there that include tethering?

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