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Xperia Themes (for 2011 Xperia models, and JB 4.3 update)

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Posted by puestadelsol
I recall, 9 years ago I've found a lot of themes, for my K500, here on Esato.
One of the most missed features of my Xperia ray was that I can only select one of the preinstalled themes and there is no way to edit new ones.
Some weeks ago the 4.3 JB update have brought the possibility of installing new themes.
Here are some of these:

Than I've discovered that there are also themes for 2011 Xperia models, which you can download and install as a normal apk without root acces. These can be downloaded here:

There is a tutorial, to create themes for 2011 Xperia model like the ones above:

I've tried to create my own theme following this tutorial. I've downloaded Apktool, decompiled test theme apk, and I've made all the changes, as Orochi described.
But when i should follow the step "Finish open APKTOOL Set 14 Create+Sign New App Created Signed_test_theme.apk", I can't find such an option in Apktool.
I've tried "Recompile apk", "Recompile ICS apk", "Build usable apk" but the result will be in the OUTPUT folder or the original test theme without the changes I made, or an unusable 1 kb sized file.

So please anyone help me, how could I create (without experience in programming) themes for my Xperia ray.

If you have any ideas, how to edit/create themes for Xperia models with 4.3 JB, please share it also.
Or if Sony releases Xperia Theme creator, or you have any news related to Xperia themes, share it!
Themes created by you are also wellcome.

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Posted by HPkuK610i
maybe you can try Easy Apk tool

Posted by puestadelsol
When I try " Apktool Assembly AND Sign it",
it gives me the notice "The path 'dis_Name.apk\\dist\' does not exist or is not a directory".
Of course I've introduced the name of apk disassebled.

Please someone help me, who followed the tutorial linked above, and to managed to customize/create a theme (with backgrounds changed of the test theme).

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