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LF: mini lanyard/strap for tiny flash memories

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Posted by Xajel
I don't know if this is the correct section to post but I don't know other better solution as this is not related to mobile phone accessories...

I have a bad habit of loving small tiny flash memories, I always carry one or two... currently I have 1 8GB SanDisk Cruzer FIT, and a Mushkin Nano 32GB USB 3.0 one... I already lost a 16GB SanDisk Fit before, and another one before...

I'm just looking for a small lanyard/strap for them, I tried to look in ebay but I only saw large ones, or if I saw them they was bundled with flash memory...

I'm looking for something like these which can be attached safely to the keychain and easily detached when needed...


If I can find them in ebay with international shipping it will be perfect, as it hard to find them here, I'll buy 5 - 10 if they're priced well...

Posted by hihihans
It won't be hard to find these locks, you can attach a wire to it yourself.
You can also buy the large lanyards and take the parts that you want off.
Good luck.

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