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how to export calendar from P910 phone to windows

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Posted by romarch
Hi,I still have my P910 for which I programmed in java. It is a great phone but lacks support. I would like to export my calendar.. Have read how to dissassemble the .ecs file but I do not know how to decode the resulting .dat file. Does anyone know where to get this information from? Where is the format for this specific .dat format described? What tools are required/privided by SE?
Many thanks romarch

Posted by hihihans
sync your calendar with Gmail, Outlook or something like that.

Posted by jcwhite_uk
Have you tried PC Suite? This link may for PCSuite may work with P910 (not sure): http://www.sonymobile.com/gb/tools/sony-ericsson-pc-suite-16/

Posted by romarch
Hi, many thanks for your quick replies! :-) I tried pc-suite ( wirks fir p910) but it would not enable calendar etc. There must have been someting wrong with outlook. I then tried on an other computer and was able to download them all and also export from outlook (which I hate). Problem solved. I am now writing some shell scripts with awk to convert formats to those required by android tools. But that's quite easy. Thanks again romarch

Posted by alex445
how i connect my cell eith pc???????
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Posted by hihihans
Usb cable.

Posted by Zoro159

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Posted by Diala
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