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apps that are able to track phone back?

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Posted by whitefox
Yesterday I lost my S4(SCH-i545) which has been installed wheres my droid. This app helped me find my misplaced phone by only texting from other phone, it will make a ring at maximum volume even if set to be silent. Thought my stolen phone can be tracked since my phone never power off contributed by my mpj 7000mah extended battery. But unfortunately the phone was turned off!! And then I has to contact VZW and block my phone.

Though it is really useful, wonder has anyone actually been able to get the phone back through wheres my droid or this sort of apps?

Posted by goldenface
I did. I lost my Xperia T, well it was actually stolen from a library. As soon as I found out it was stolen I went onto a PC and tracked it down to a local market.

I activated emergency mode on the app.

Then, the next person to switch it on, it took a picture of them using the front facing camera and it emailed it to me. The picture showed a man's face and the rear wall of a shop, in the market.

I was then able to match the shop with the one in the photograph and I just walked into the shop and showed the guy in the photograph the picture I had of him on my laptop and told him that I was going to the police if he didn't hand my phone over.

He handed it back to me a couple of days later.

The app is called Cerberus App and it's on Playstore. It's highly recommended, it's just a one off fee and you can protect up to five devices, including laptops and tablets, for life. Well worth the money.

It's amazing how many people wish they had installed a security app, ONLY AFTER their phone has gone missing or been stolen. I keep on telling people but they just don't listen. It's well worth the very small investment.

Posted by bart
Any free aps that do this?

Posted by goldenface
I'm not sure, the free ones are getting better though.

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