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Flash Ericsson T28 to unlock SIM and phone lock?HOW?

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Posted by world_goods
I recently found my old T28 World from VoiceStream. Now, I used to put always a phone(!)lock code on but this was 13 years ago and I don't remember. How can I set it back to default?
I would need a flashing software, I have the data cable from back of the days but cannot find the software for it.
Any help would be appreciated. Also, if I could then flash it an unlock the simlock to voicestream, would be great too. However, I don't even know if its locked because its a WORLD phone,but Voicestream branded.

Most important however it that I can get this PHONE lock off. Thanks.

Posted by yabdullah
I may be wrong and still don`t know what exactly to do,especially that I didn`t manage to succesfully connect the phone to my computer.Hope to find a solution and that this will be useful for others with this problem./www.esixsigma.co

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