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ebooks question of Galaxy S4 phone

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Posted by djmax
Hi…I am not very familiar with Kindle and wonder whether Kindle uses a format?? My friend said it in books users purchased can be read on it but did not tell any detail... I have used Aldiko before… it can read many different formats, but when I plug my phone to pc via usb cable I don’t know how to use it…it still not work though I tried to past them into the app…and I can not find any folder likes Aldiko offers me…anyone help me plzzz???

It doesn’t require any specific usb cables,right?? My current frequently-used mobile is Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 and the usb I used is the one I got with an MPJ extended battery. As an aside, though reading ebooks did not suck my batteries but there still thousands apps/games kill my battery life T_T so I really need some backup batteries at high capacity like my current 7000mAh one.

I think Kindle is a lot different from Aldiko… With Aldiko and other books apps I've used, I just transfer the files to the folder on my phone n import the book into it. Aldiko saves the book and I can delete the files but I am really not sure how the Kindle would be…

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