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5-inch LG Optimus GK Android smartphone announced

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Posted by laffen
LG today unveiled the LG Optimus GK smartphone for the Korean market. The 5-inch display has a Full HD IPS display and a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor

LG Optiums GK announced

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Posted by jameshopes
LG Optimus GK seems to be a good Smartphone. How much does it cost?

Posted by Bonovox
Is it an LG,is it a Samsung,yes it's an LG Can't tell the difference anymore

Posted by etaab
Is it me, or are they ripping Touchwhiz off with those colours and icons ??

Posted by Bonovox
LG been doing that for ages

Posted by maslahe
I like the design of the phone front and back,looks much better than on the prototypes
If I did not have the N7 it night have been my first LG
e six sigma
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