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More than 10 million LG LTE smartphones sold

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Posted by laffen
LG reports that the company has sold over 10 million smartphones with support for 4G LTE networks

LG has sold 10 million LTE smartphones

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Posted by Miss UK
Can't say I'm surprised cos that phone
Does look rather stunning in picture

Not seen one for real but I'm sure it will
Turn heads

Edit the first but white one
[ This Message was edited by: Miss UK on 2013-03-06 15:18 ]

Posted by Marly
LG usually have nice hardware (good specs at a reasonable price), but then they spoil the user experience of their buyers with their software: no updates available, or months later than other manufacturers.

Posted by Bonovox
I like LG latest handsets like the Optimus G Pro. My first ever Android was an LG Optimus on Android 1.6 Donut. Their PC software for updating your mobile made me bang my head against the wall(not literally)

Posted by laffen

On 2013-03-07 01:38:04, Marly wrote:
no updates available, or months later than other manufacturers.

I have heard that before. But then we were taking about Sony, HTC and Samsung. You will have to choose a Nexus device if running the latest Android version is of importance for you.

Posted by Miss UK
Sometimes updates can make the phone
A lot worse then what it was I know this
From Apple lol

Btw it's really nice as I'm due to get a new
Phone later this year I will be trying out a few
To suit before I opt to get another

LG are pretty good brand I love my 3D
Tv which is made by them

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