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Is this rumor or truth?

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Posted by tohapply
I saw a news yesterday which said that iPhone surpass Android in U.S. smartphone sales. Is it true or just rumor?
I forget the link of the news. So I am not so sure is it the latest news.

Posted by itsjustJOH
You know it's easier and faster to Google something than to register a new account in the forums just to ask this and wait for an answer, if someone would even bother to do so.

Posted by laffen

Posted by tohapply
I register a new account at this forum just to know more about my phone.
And this is my first step.

Posted by alenn
As they say oogle is your friend.

My English teacher used to say that to the class once a month

Posted by mode
Actually it says iOS outgrows, not surpass Android in the US and UK.

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