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FS: Apple iPhone 4S 16GB - Pics Added - Sold please lock

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Posted by haynesycop

Just seeing what people would pay for my unlocked iPhone 4S. It has just under 6 months warranty remaining, with the option to extend through Applecare. It is in mint condition, can throw in brand new unused headphones and USB cable with it

Also comes with screen protector on the front and I can also throw in a brand new power support air jacket and used Apple iPhone dock.

Online recycle site (Orange) will give me 300 at time of posting this, so won't accept less than that. Will get pictures up tomorrow once I've finished work.

Not been on here in awhile but have traded with some of the older members on here that should be able to vouch for me if needed.

Please post in here or PM me.

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Posted by haynesycop
BIN is 300, can also extend the warranty with AppleCare if needed.

Posted by TimCohen81
Would you consider a HTC ONE X in trade?

Posted by 50Cent

Certainly am interested. If its not too much trouble, some pictures (with proof of date) of the device would be much appreciated. I assume it would come fully boxed with all original accs?

UK Buyer here

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Posted by haynesycop

Sure I'll try and get some pics up today. I don't have a camera (other than my phone) so will take it into work.

Can include unused headphones and USB cable, the plug is the only thing that has been used.

I've checked properly and the original purchase date was 5th December 2011, I'll find my receipt and include that too. When I checked through apple.com/support it was saying Feb for some weird reason.

Posted by haynesycop
Pics now available on request.

I can't upload on here so can email them on request until I get home later.

Posted by haynesycop

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