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Android device activation hits 500 million globally

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Posted by tranced
There have now been over 500 million Android devices activated worldwide, and 1.3 million are added every day.

Hugo Barra, Google's Director of Product Management for Android took to the search giant's social network, Google+, to make the announcement earlier today.

This is a considerable gain from February this year, when Andy Rubin confirmed 300 million Android devices had been activated, at a rate of 850,000 a day.

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Posted by alansteve777
Android released new mobile or tab os named as ice cream sandwich. It is the second famous mobile operating system which almost works as a ios.

Posted by goldenface
That's a fantastic amount. It will soon be a million a day And with the tablet market soon to rocket I can't see an end.

Posted by skblakee
Android at this point is a better platform than IOS and is much more widely adopted and spreading fast. A year ago I would not have said Android is the better platform but now with all the features and increasing smoothness Android has gone past IOS. IOS is playing catch up now especially with costumization. For someone like me the iPhone look would bore me in no time. It is the same look as has been since 2007. For most iPhone fans that is great but not me.

The above are reasons why android activations will easily hit and exceed 1 million plus daily. Samsung alone will account for much of that as they are the dominant cellphone maker and their galaxy line up is going to be a serious threat to the iPhone. There is only so much one can do with patent fights to slow down the competitor. I predict Windows phone 8, IOS and Android will dominate the market going forward with Android easily dominating.

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