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What tools to use nowadays for firmware flashing?

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Posted by mr_lou
So it's been a few years since I last tried flashing a Sony Ericsson phone.
Now I have two W800 I'd like to flash to W810 firmware.
(At first I just wanted to update the firmware to the latest version, but SEUS doesn't support W800 anymore).

So I looked for DaVinci Client, but that seems to be dead nowadays. XS++ also gave me some trouble. Could just be my computer though.

So before I mess around anymore, I might as well just ask: Is there any tool out there nowadays that lets me flash my W800 to W810 firmware? If yes, what is it?


Posted by tranced
Hello there mate!

These phones, believe it or not, are a bit different. Read this old thread: Convert a w800i to w810.

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