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Google introduces the Nexus 7 tablet

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Posted by laffen
Google unveils the Nexus 7 tablet which is the first device running the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS

Google Nexus 7 Tablet announced

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Posted by djin
The only reason this would sell well is because of free content and low price. I feel Microsoft did much better job this year , with windows 8 tablet and surface. I find it hard to even consider this.

Posted by razec
Surface might even flop just as Intel's ultrabook did, all because of price. History told us that nothing beats a product with an excellent balance of price and performance. netbooks became a hit 5 years ago because of price, android became so widely popular because of mainstream devices powering it, mainstream cars are the most numerous because they have mainstream price-tag. in mobile phones remember how K750 became the hottest selling cameraphone circa 2005 even if there were many high end smartphones that beats it in specs hands down. perhaps some would argue it had the best camera in its time but people outside the technopile sites like this don't know such fact at all.
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Posted by Geezay
I think this will sell well because of the price and specs combination. It being a Nexus device makes it easy to unlock the bootloader as well. I see larger versions of this being built as Google settles in the tablet landscape.

Posted by Bonovox
Well it is fast and fluid with a decent price too. See this video


Posted by carkitter
Not bad; it's the only Android tablet I'd seriously consider at present.

Posted by goldenface
It's the first one I'm even considering purchasing and the main reason is the price, secondly it looks pretty good.

Posted by etaab
Is it just me, or is the bezel around the screen much thicker than on other Android tablets. Which to me makes it look a bit.. budget..

Posted by Bonovox
Yes the bezel is rather large. But specs are good for price. Most Android tablets so far have been laggy. But this seems good

Posted by pt020
Will get me one in September
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Posted by pt020
Today they started to sale the Nexus 7 in the Netherlands ...
Very nice tablet ...
Was busy all afternoon with it and it works good and looks even better than on video/pictures ... but there is one thing I really miss... Adobe Flash player,it is still to early to go without it,will have to find a way to instal it.

Now I do not need to wait for the ICS update anymore
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Posted by pt020
Yesterday I was reading about it ..... today I got it!
My next phone will be a Nexus too

Posted by rikken
Got one today. Great build and a joy to use

Posted by pt020
love the updates on the Nexus 7 ...

Posted by Bonovox

On 2012-11-06 00:02:42, rikken wrote:
Got one today. Great build and a joy to use

@Rikken,why do you need a tablet when you got the Note 2??

Posted by rikken
Because I am crazy

Posted by Bonovox

Posted by xell
Got my gf one of these, 16 GB thanks to a 20 € rebate for just 179 €.
Updating to 4.2 that very moment, it's a beautiful thing. Too bad the true tablet apps are so scarce...

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