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HTC to withdraw its operations from Brazil

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Posted by laffen
HTC will not be present in Brazil any more after poor sales in the largest country on the South American continent

HTC leaving Brazilian market

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Posted by goldenface
Unfortunate for them. Isn't Brazil one of the largest and fastest growing economies?

Posted by Guarulhos
Really a Big Mistake By HTC !!!

After Auditors Today Brazil Is The 4th Largest Consumer Market For Mobile Phones On The Planet, Second Only To China, Japan And Usa, As If All This Were Not Enough, Brazil Is Now The 6th Largest Economy In The World, Ahead Of Major Powers Such As Italy, Spain And England !!!

So Completely Pointless This Attitude, What Gives Way To Even Greater Consolidation Samsung, Apple And Nokia How Manufacturers More Successful In Major Country Latin American !!!

Posted by carkitter
HTC recently affirmed it's choice to make high-end phones only and clearly this strategy doesn't play out well in Brazil, no matter how large a market it is. I can't see how HTC's withdrawal from Brazil can benefit Nokia at all. It may benefit a niche manufacturer like Sony Mobile though.

Posted by goldenface
I'd assume it was a good strategy to at least maintain some sort of foothold in every market. I don't see the sense.

Posted by Guarulhos
Sure Had With The Htc Market In Brazil, There Is a Major Lack Androids For Good Here, The Samsung Being Solely Responsible For The Provision Of This Operating System Devices Excellent !!!

Unfortunately Sony Is Here For Weak, Your Work Is Very Poor Logistics And Always Received With Large Delay Devices For Your Here !

Even With The Old And Tired Symbian, Nokia Maintains Leadership In The Brazilian Market By Itself Side Of American Apple And Samsung !!!

Posted by Bonovox
Brazil's economy is one of the new fast growing but its also riddled with crime. If HTC are not doing well there I cam understand them wanting to pull out as there is no profits to be made. @Gualrulhos why do you keep wrting every word with capitals??

Posted by carkitter
So Brazil is the 4th largest mobile market but Nokia's Symbian phones lead the way? Sounds like there is much demand for call/txt monochrome phones but little for smartphones hence HTC's decision.

You needn't take this as an insult against Brazil, it's a result of HTC's lack of market penetration worldwide that led them to restructure their portfolio.

Posted by Guarulhos

Truth In The Top Selling Mobile Phones In Brazil Are Not Only Symbian !!!

In Brazil In The Nokia, Samsung And Apple Go Very Well In Sales !

A Proof Is That Second Preliminary Data Raised By A Respected Institute Research (Nielsen) In The First Half Along Main Telephone Operators in Brazil (Vivo, Claro, Tim And Oi), The 5 Best Selling Mobile Phones in Brazil Were:

4 NOKIA 701

Therefore Among Top 5 Best Selling Mobile Phones For Here are 2 Smartphones Premium !

For This I Repeat, Brazil's Yes In A Market Potential To Be Worked For Large Manufacturers And Very Stupid HTC Was Not Bet Your Chips In Here !!!

P.S: Just In Just 1 Month Sales Officer, Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III Have Sold For Here... 1 Million Units !!!

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